Keynote Axon Lawyers

IoLT and Information Governance: understanding and attacking the business, technical and legal issues 

sophie van der Meulen paperless lab academy


Name:            Sofie v.d. Meulen

Company:     Axon Lawyers

Title:               Attorney at Law 


Presenter´s biography

Sofie specializes in EU and national legal and regulatory issues relating to medicinal products & medical devices, with a special focus on medical software, big data & data protection.


Introducing IoT in your laboratory environment makes manual monitoring of equipment a thing of the past as a large number of sensors, of example to measure temperature and humidity, can be connected. The data of various sensors from multiple labs can be directly uploaded to a cloud server from where other collaborating laboratories can read, analyze, and store the data. The benefits are plenty. But how to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the collected (personal) data and to protect the data against loss, alteration or theft? And what about cyber security?

Non-compliance with cyber security requirements can give rise to potentially high administrative fines and damage to (the reputation of) your business. This and more will be discussed.

Company Introduction

lago axonAxon Lawyers is an Amsterdam based law firm with an international orientation. Our focus is on the legal and regulatory aspects of the life sciences sector. We offer over 30 years of experience, gained as attorney at law and in-house counsel. We are familiar with the needs of small and large companies, both privately and publicly funded.