Keynote Presentation

Roadmap to Digitalisation with Success

Albert Almajano Indukern Group

Presenter: Albert Almajano, Chief Information Officer at Indukern Group

Albert is an experienced Area Director with a demonstrated history of working in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Skilled in IT/DigitalStrategy, Business Strategy, Negotiation, Digital Transformation, and Team leadership. Strong information technology professional graduated from ESADE Business & Law School and IESE.

Albert is also a teacher tLa Salle Campus Barcelona, contributing to the Masters of Information Technology Management and eHealth.


Albert Almajano, CIO at Indukern Group  shares his digitalisation strategy and related processes.

Albert will then explain how to get prepared for taking  your company towards digitisation from customer orientation to selection of suitable software and partners, as well as the amount of effort required to remain focused on achieving the company's strategic projects.

Albert will also  explain  how his company has overcome the lockout situation, facilitating remote exclusion of  the employees from their place of work the success of his IT department , their  experiences and the success of his IT department along with the plan of  future challenges.


the Indukern Group is composed of 3 companies with global presence.

Indukern is a leading distributor of chemical products, as well as a key player in the formulation, production, and provision of technical advice in the Food, Flavours and Fragrances, Pharmaceutical & Animal Health sectors.

Calier is a veterinary laboratory actively engaged in improving the production of animal-based foods and ensuring the well-being of companion animals, their owners, and families.

Kern Pharma is a pharmaceutical laboratory that aims to provide innovative treatments which contribute to caring for people’s health and quality of life.