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Digitalization and the data life cycle begins at the lab bench instruments

Gunnar Danielson at Paperless Lab Academy

Presenter: Gunnar Danielson, Head of Global Software Solutions

With computer science and business education and over 25 years working with computer systems, Gunnar has been focusing for the past 13 years on workflow optimization, Digital Transformation and Data Integrity solutions for the laboratory. Solutions for system integration, Digitalization, Data Governance and Data Integrity are his focus; and the global software solutions team that he leads. Integrating analytical instruments into the lab ecosystem has been his goal and digitally transforming processes -- a main focus.
With the increase of initiatives in lean lab, digital transformation, data integrity and lab efficiency, he is increasingly involved in seminars and publications. Involvement in standardization initiatives and with the regulatory authorities of various countries is a general focus point and influence that he brings to the industry.
In addition to being head of the global software solution team, Gunnar is also head of the Data Integrity group at Mettler Toledo. This group oversees the data governance and data integrity for all Mettler Toledo divisions.


In this workshop you will see how the use of current technology will improve the work environment – digital transformation.
Laboratory managers and operators routinely face challenges to adhere to data integrity regulations, while aiming at increasing workflow efficiency. Adding the technical controls to instruments improves business processes at the same time it adds the necessary controls for data governance.
Regulators are increasingly requiring labs to get current with technology (the "c" in CGMP). Regulatory guidance from WHO even advocates process efficiency with technology.
The benefits of managing data in a fully electronic process provides business benefits and regulatory compliance with data stored in one medium. You will see that even simple instruments (Balances, pH, KF, etc.) with digital/technical controls create efficiency, data control, and data that is ready for analytics.

Why attending

You will see how digital transformation, starting with the simple instruments, will improve your processes in quality, efficiency, and data integrity.
You will learn to not “just digitalize”, or make digital systems work "the old paper way" (paper on glass). You will see significant business benefit from your digitalization efforts by improving the workflow in the lab. After all, digital transformation starts from the simple instruments and all through the data lifecycle.

Who should benefit

Lab Managers, Quality Managers, Lab Technicians, IT Managers, Data Integrity Management – anyone interested in digitalization, data, and Instruments in the Lab.



Mettler Toledo at Paperless Lab Academy

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