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How to Achieve High Productivity and Compliance with a Robust LIMS

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Presenter: Rajasekhar Gollapinni, Head-Global Delivery at Caliber Technologies Pvt Ltd

Rajasekhar is a seasoned lab informatics leader with 20 years of extensive work in various functions at world-class companies in pharma, petroleum, refining, and life sciences domain. He is well experienced with the quality control procedures and processes of regulated companies. ​He currently heads Product Excellence for the Lab portfolio of Caliber’s products. His expertise in lab operations, quality systems, and processes help him in developing and continuously improving Caliber’s offerings in the lab domain. His interests include team building through fun-based activities like acting and sports.


When labs undertake digital transformation, they look for ROIs like compliance, efficiency, profitability, etc. A robust LIMS system can ensure that these ROIs are met effectively.

Having led the implementation of India’s First 100% Paperless Lab, Rajasekhar talks about committing to the Paperless Lab vision and achieving high productivity and compliance with a robust LIMS.

In this workshop, we discuss how a LIMS helps in productivity and compliance, how to ensure that the lab is chasing the right ROIs, and how to make the best use of a LIMS.

Who should benefit 

 Anyone involved in selecting, implementing or maintaining electronic systems.


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