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Internet of Lab Things: A comprehensive perspective on device connectivity in the lab.

Jan Buch speaker workshop Paperless Lab Academy

Presenter: Jan-Marten Buch, Head of Business Developmentat Labforward

Jan-Marten Buch is the Head of Key Accounts at Labforward supporting Labforwards biggest pharmaceutical clients with evaluating and implementing digital laboratory solutions in R&D and GMP regulated QC. He studied industrial engineering and has over 7 years of experience with the Internet of Lab Things. Jan supported building up the company since 2015 and is the expert for Labforwards LES Software “Laboperator”.


This session will provide a comprehensive overview about connected devices in the lab. We will touch technical aspects and integration approaches, look into use cases and discuss overall goals and application areas. The session will also include a short live demonstration of state of the art LES-Software and show use cases for R&D as well as (GMP regulated) QC areas.

Why should you attend

After attending this workshop you’ll be able to understand the pains and gains of laboratory device connectivity. It will support you in making better decisions on where to start and what obstacles to consider on your way to a fully digitalized lab. You will learn from Labforwards years of experience in developing digital solutions for R&D and QC laboratories and see state of art software in action.

Who should benefit

Anyone interested in device connectivity for digital labs. As the workshop strives to provide a comprehensive overview it will be interesting for lab managers and lab technicians but also management decision makers as well as IT professionals.


Labforward is a Berlin-based technology start-up aiming to improve the operation of R&D and QC laboratories. Their suite of software products, Labfolder, Labregister, and Laboperator, are designed to streamline laboratory workflows, increase efficiency, and provide users with greater insights.
Labfolder, is an Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN), that simplifies research documentation in the lab by providing a centralized platform for preparing, recording, and storing data. With extensive collaboration, compliance, and standardization features, Labfolder makes life in the lab easier and more efficient.
Labregister is a comprehensive laboratory inventory management system, providing a single source of truth for the entire lab's inventory. The system tracks materials from procurement to disposal, ensuring effective organization. With a direct connection to Labfolder, Labregister ensures seamless and efficient inventory management.
Laboperator is a smart and agile lab execution system (LES) that connects laboratory equipment to a central platform. This system enables teams to automate and monitor laboratory devices remotely, collect and analyze instrument data in real-time, and improve productivity and precision of work. Laboperator takes the guesswork out of laboratory management and allows teams to focus on what they do best: making breakthroughs in their field.




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