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AI DigiBots - A Vital Artificial Intelligence Complement to drive Efficiency and Compliance whilst Saving Costs for Pharma Operations


Parthiban Sulur Paperless Lab Academy

Presenter: Mr. Parthiban Sulur, Vice President - Innovation & Growth at GVW & President - OHDSI India Chapter 

Parthiban Sulur or Parthi, as he is fondly called, is Vice President of Innovation and Growth at Global Value Web, operating out of the Chennai Delivery center. He is also currently serving as President of OHDSI (Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics) - India Chapter. OHDSI is an International Open Science community, focused on generating Real World Evidence (RWE) for better Healthcare. Parthi has over 35 years of professional experience, with more than 15 years in the Pharma and Life Sciences industries. He possesses multi-disciplinary skills in almost all functional areas such as R&D, Delivery Management, Operations, Consulting, Business Development, Sales in diverse domains and geographies. Parthi is responsible for designing and driving teams that can deliver value to the customer from Data spread across the entire Pharmaceutical Product Lifecycle; from Molecule to Medicine. He has extensive expertise in Data and Intelligence projects and services, working with multiple technology and innovation streams. He is passionate towards improving India’s healthcare and topics on Digital Health and Innovations for Pharma Data.


New age Intelligent Automation Technologies such as Digital Robots (DigiBots), Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are ushering in Automation in core Pharma operational functions complementing / augmenting human efforts. These boost efficiencies as well as compliance in several ways; Thus, bringing down the cost of operations across Pharma Enterprises.
Continuing from our GVW’s past successes in promoting the need and executing innovative data services towards a patient-centric value chain, we shall present during its workshop, our successes and challenges when using and implementing AI based DigiBots.

Who should benefit

Rom C-level executives, through Quality VP’s, Directors, from managers to the knowledge professionals in the lab; A shared vision with a milestone on the horizon, visible to all stakeholders is the recipe for success.

Session learnings

In this GVW Workshop Session, you will learn through our Demos about:

1. Big Pharma deploying DigiBots for Lab Master Data Management
2. DigiBots in Pharmacovigilance - Digital Assistant in managing Product Complaints
3. Use cases for Applying DigiBots across Pharma Operations
4. Learnings to consider when embarking on your DigiBot Journey

Global Value Web (GVW) B.V. offers reliable and accessible data services, connecting the dots and improving our client’s value chains. We help innovative Medical Research Centers, Life Sciences Research & Development centers, and production facilities around the world to move forward and work more efficiently and more reliably in a changing environment. GVW specializes in gathering, organizing, curating, and analyzing data. We use this data to gain new insights. You will get to know your customers better than ever before, enabling you to make your value chain more efficient, reliable, and resilient.
GVW aims to boost client performance, optimize their data enabling them to serve their customers better than ever before. Furthermore, GVW believes data can be a way to unify functions and processes in organizations; ensuring business continuity through compliance and data integrity providing valuable insights in running efficient operations at a lower cost with lower margins of error. It provides scientists and analysts with easy ways to access and process data. This will allow them to focus on their core tasks instead of sifting through numbers 

Enabling The Transition
GVW enables better science and smooth business operations: Our managed services and solutions transcend existing systems and working methods, with client satisfaction on every level as the ultimate indicator. Together we realize cross-fertilization from different functions to enrich organizations with their data, and “close loop” their processes. We help your organization deal with daily operational challenges and enable you to provide the answers to the questions of tomorrow.

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