Gilson Workshop

Automation without the Robot

TDeJouvencel Paperless Lab Academy

Presenter: Steve DeCabooter,  Director of Connected Platforms at Gilson

Steve DeCabooter is leading Gilson’s global connected products business unit. In his time at Gilson, he has been a technical leader of their automated software and instrumentation. Steve has a diverse background in wireless and connectivity solutions from past positions in cellular with Motorola and automotive telematics with Continental AG. He holds an MBA from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, and a bachelors in electrical engineering from Michigan State University.





Manual pipetting is a fundamental lab skill. Even in labs where automation is present, pipettes are still critical for certain tasks — often ones that are either too routine or too dynamic to automate. See how Gilson’s TRACKMAN® Connected pipetting platform addresses this gap, providing the reliability, traceability, and reproducibility expected of automation — all in a simple, fast platform that fits in a backpack.

Areas covered

Digitalization, Internet of Things, Sample Prep, Experiment Workflow, Traceability, Reproducibility, Ease of Use, Connected Lab, Pipetting

Who should benefit

Lab researchers and lab managers from private industries (pharma, biotechs, CRO, agro/food/cosmetic labs) and public organizations (institutes, research labs)

Session learnings

Understand key criteria for why workflows are not automated
Identify tasks in your workflow that could benefit from improved reliability, traceability, and reproducibility
Learn how Gilson’s connected platform can fill these gaps, more affordably, and in a more accessible way than robotic automation.


Gilson is a family-owned global manufacturer of liquid handling, purification, and extraction solutions for the life sciences industry. We help researchers advance the pace of discovery by creating easy-to-use lab instruments that improve reproducibility and traceability. Since 1957, we’ve been developing innovative products such as PIPETMAN®. By partnering closely with the scientific community, we’re continuously advancing our product offerings and have added automated pipetting systems and software to our portfolio. Backed by worldwide R&D, service, and support, Gilson strives to enable verifiable science and make lab life easier for our customers.

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