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Leveraging Dotmatics platform and best-of-breed scientific tools to streamline your small molecule drug discovery projects.

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Presenter: Gabriele Magarò, Principal Solution Engineer at Dotmatics
Gabriele obtained his master’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Italy, before joining Angelini Pharma as a Medicinal Chemist. During his time with the company, he had the opportunity to design and synthesize small molecule compounds as part of drug discovery programs within a number of therapeutic areas, including inflammation, CNS and infectious diseases.In 2018 Gabriele joined Dotmatics as an Application Scientist and since then has been using the experience obtained in the field to streamline scientific workflows and help other scientists get more value from their data.


Integrating data across disparate departments and workflows has been a long-standing challenge in drug discovery. The Dotmatics Solution has been designed to address this challenge by enabling scientists to capture and search all project data, from assay development through screening and hit to lead optimization.

The Solution brings together Dotmatics’ enterprise scientific platform and the specialized applications such as GraphPad Prism to improve collaboration and accelerate the process of using data to inform insights and decisions.

Who should benefit

Research Scientists, R&D leaders, Data scientists, IT leads


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