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Data collection is the first step, but do you really use your data?

Frank SCHAFFER speaker workshop Paperless Lab Academy

Presenter: Frank Schaffer, Dassault Systèmes Technical Sales Director

Frank holds a Ph.D. in organic Chemistry from the Albert Ludwigs University in Freiburg Germany. Frank has been working in the Cheminformatics area in the field of consulting, product marketing and tech sales for over 28 years. His expertise lies in Lab Management, Inventory, Electronic Lab Notebooks, Lab Execution, LIMS and Data Analytics and Data Visualization.


Many companies have collected or are collecting data in their labs. There is a need to use this data for prediction of experiment outcomes before they are even carried out in the lab by using this collected data. But is the data really usable? What formats is it collected in? Can it all be compared? Is this structured or unstructured data? How can the data be prepared for model building? Would make sense to rethink the whole process and define properly what the data acquisition needs to look like in order to use it later? Can Datamarts and data lakes really help? In this one hour session we would like to have an open round table discussion with the participants on their experience of the collection and the use of data collected in the lab.

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