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Workshop Session

Simply digitalizing your existing processes is not enough: lessons from digital implementation projects across 1500+ laboratory teams

FJA binocs workshop PLA2020

Presenter: Frederik Jaenen,  VP Business Sales at Binocs.
Frederik has over 25 years of experience in lab systems, including program managing major LIMS roll-outs at various global enterprises. When he joined Bluecrux in 2017, his expertise and business development skills significantly boosted the commercial success of Binocs.


During the Second Industrial Revolution, companies knew that electrification was critical to the future of manufacturing but the expected gains were slow to manifest. Early adopters had retained the drive and belt systems that powered their factories and simply replaced the centralized steam engine with an equivalent electrical motor, continuing to mechanically transmit power to machinery. Production only ramped-up after manufacturers changed their mindset and learned how to optimize their processes and infrastructure for the new technology.
In today’s Fourth/Fifth Industrial Revolution, bioscience and pharma companies know that the labs of the future will be fully digitalized but the best approach to implementation is not always clear. Like their forebears, it can be tempting to simply replace the old with the new without also optimizing their processes to take full advantage of the technological opportunities.
In this workshop we will draw on our extensive experience to share some key enablers of optimized laboratory digitalization:
-Examples of how to leverage digitalization to optimize laboratory processes, including:
      -Enhancing team organization
-Optimizing decision processes
-Streamlining communication with lab stakeholders
-Lessons learned around the impact on analysts and technicians
-Harnessing data to improve laboratory performance (e.g. service level and throughput)

Why attending the session

We will share digital implementation best practices, including real-world examples of how these can be leveraged to enhance existing laboratory processes and deliver tangible benefits for people and performance at all levels of operational and strategic participation


Who should benefit

Lab managers/directors, digitalization leads, lean lab strategists and planners, business / operational excellence executives

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