Agilab Workshop 

Digital Unified Laboratory Platform: The benefits of a strong UX for R&D and QC processes

  Anahita Laskowski Paperless Lab Academy

Presenter: Anahita Laskowski,  Product Specialist at Agilab

Anahita has 8 years of experience in the Laboratory Automation industry. She holds a Masters degree in Analytical Chemistry and her first job out of university was with a large LIMS provider. Anahita has experience working as deployment consultant, software validation, senior consultant, Service Delivery Manager and as of 2018 she has worked as a LIMS/ELN product specialist. Anahita has vast experience working with laboratories of all background some industries she has working with are: Pharmaceutical industry (QC and R&D), Process manufacturing, contract laboratories (QA/QC), microbiology testing, Environmental monitoring, petrochemical laboratories, biobanking, clinical laboratories, cosmetic testing, food and drink testing.





During the demo session areas covered are the overview of AgiLab’s powerful UI and how it drives the following processes:
-QC Product Lots
-Stability Protocols
-Method Execution
-Equipment and Material Management and Booking
-R&D Experiments (ELN)

Session learnings

The AgiLab Platform is designed for laboratories looking for an all-in-one process and data management solution which is easy to use and adapt.

With our core capabilities, the AgiLab Platform supports operational processes in a unified platform. The platform is not a set of separate products, but a set of functionalities based on the same data model and grouped together to deliver functional and domain specific applications to enable companies to benefit from significant business process improvement and business value & continuity to their organisation.

Who should benefit 

Anybody interested in the Digital Transformation/Lab of the Future initiative 

AgiLab provides a best-in-class Unified Laboratory Digital Platform to help laboratories increase R&D, QC productivity and compliance, helping its clients deliver faster, innovative and safe products to the world.In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status-quo. We believe in accelerating pace of digital transformation for laboratories. We help laboratories to become more efficient and support processes from R&D, QA/QC through manufacturing. We offer a Unified Laboratory Digital Platform with LIMS, ELN, LES and EBR capabilities in a single enterprise-ready system.