The Truly Connected Lab is Here Today


A paperless laboratory with workflows fully supported by an integrated system that allows a seamless flow of data is a goal for many organizations that want to achieve “Laboratory Excellence” with optimized efficiency, costs, and regulatory compliance. But disconnected legacy systems, gaps in functionality and poor user experience have hindered companies to gain the desired value. Dassault Systèmes BIOVIA has invested years of work and deep laboratory and informatics expertise to develop “ONE Lab”, the first fully integrated, platform-based lab informatics environment that is able to fulfill the industry expectation. At our workshop you will see how working with the integrated, standardized and automated ONE Lab solution will provide an optimized user experience for all laboratory-related functions resulting in increased lab productivity, improved user experience and data re-use across labs.

Session learnings

  • Learn about the latest advancements of a truly connected lab
  • Get the look and feel
  • See how it integrates
  • Understand how it leverages the current industry standards
  • Find out how to optimize your lab workflows and collaboration

Areas covered in this session 

  • The latest ELN capabilities
  • Smooth laboratory execution
  • Seamless integration of lab instruments and systems
  • Current standards


Who should benefit

  • Lab Managers and Lab Directors
  • Lab Technicians
  • Lab IT and Data Management Professionals

Why should you attend 

If you are tired of just hearing about visions and possibilities and want to finally get proof of a truly connected lab that delivers on the promises you should attend this workshop – or if you are just curious to see some really cool new lab informatics stuff in action!


Unified Laboratory Management Solution from BIOVIA


DS Biovia Paperless Lab Academy

Name: She Yen Lok

Title: BIOVIA Senior Solution Consultant

Email: SheYen.LOK@3ds.com

She Yen Lok has over 20-years experience in the Quality Control (QC) space.

He first worked with GSK in QC for over 14 years, first as an analyst and then implementing and supporting the LIMS globally for the QC Labs at GSK. He then joined VelQuest helping to expand the sales into Europe for their Laboratory Execution (LES) solution.

After the acquisition by Accelrys, he worked as a Pre-Sales Solution Consultant in the QC lab team. Today he is focusing on the Lab informatics Solution in QC and Manufacturing at BIOVIA.

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