Keynote Presentation

Digital Transformation in the Chemical Industry. The Devil's in the Details.  

SNasi Paperless Lab Academy

Presenter: Dr. Lloyd F. Colegrove, Director at  Dow, Inc.

Lloyd F. Colegrove recently retired as the Director of Data Services and the Director of Fundamental Problem Solving within Manufacturing and Engineering. He was also the Analytics Platform Director for Dow’s Manufacturing and Engineering’s Industry 4.0 program. Lloyd’s background is in Chemical Physics where he obtained a B.S. and Ph.D. from Texas A&M University. He spent 7 years in Polymer Research in Dow (R&D and TS&D) before moving into Manufacturing in an Analytical Improvement role and then a Quality Leader for five Dow businesses before moving to help establish a new capability called Fundamental Problem Solving, where top chemists and engineers work on complex, often multi-effect, plant problems. With this established, he refocused his efforts working to establish the data initiatives that support this work. Lloyd is married with two daughters and is an avid cyclist, hiker and landscaper.


Manufacturing is the original denizen of one of the cornerstones of Industry 4.0 - a digital transformation journey to unlock the full potential of manufacturing data.

This talk will feature artificial intelligence as an example of a key future value delivery mechanism in digital transformation. The road to installing AI in the Chemical Industry is fraught with challenges and many dead ends.

Through this session it will be featured what it takes to deliver sustainable and scalable digital transformation, discuss common challenges in corporate culture change, and share proven best practices and one example of successful real-world outcome.



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