Dow Chemical PRESENTATION #PLA2020

Winning the battle of culture change in manufacturing analytics


The concept of Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) as an operational analytics platform for Dow was first introduced 2013. This program happened to be the first technology developed within our Industry 4.0 initiative – although this was not recognized at the time. Through the engagement of an EMI tool and a proprietary implementation approach, Dow has generated significant value in operations by mastering operational and quality data together in a contextualized format that has significantly improved operational reliability and plant safety. It also might make the old quality assurance paradigm to chemical manufacturing an anachronism.

The journey towards Dow’s vision for the artful use of large structured and unstructured data sets in real-time plant operation and problem solving is a story of technology, salesmanship, and the hard work of convincing a company in love with Excel, and problem solving after-the-fact, that significant value lies in large collections of under-utilized data. When Sr. Management doesn’t understand or appreciate the power of advanced analytics, one must take the longer road to proving what value lies hidden beneath the obvious.

This talk will frame the early efforts in Dow to change attitudes and culture of our data practices in manufacturing, reveal key learnings along the journey, and demonstrate some key successes for conquering “big data” in the chemical manufacturing environment.




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Name: Dr. Lloyd F. Colegrove

Title: Director

Company: Dow, Inc.

Lloyd F. Colegrove is the Director of Data Services and the Director of Fundamental Problem Solving within Manufacturing and Engineering. He also is the Analytics Platform Director for Dow’s Manufacturing and Engineering’s Industry 4.0 program. Lloyd’s background is in Chemical Physics where he obtained a B.S. and Ph.D. from Texas A&M University. He spent 7 years in Polymer Research in Dow (R&D and TS&D) before moving into Manufacturing in an Analytical Improvement role and then a Quality Leader for five Dow businesses before moving to help establish a new capability called Fundamental Problem Solving, where top chemists and engineers work on complex, often multi-effect, plant problems. With this established, he refocused his efforts working to establish the data initiatives that support this work. Lloyd is married with two daughters and is an avid cyclist, hiker and landscaper.

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