Caliber Technologies Workshop

Planning the Next Move – How to Become Future Ready with Integrated Quality Management

Charlie Wakeham Waters

Presenter: Sumanth Chinta, LIMS Subject Matter Expert, Head of Presales at Caliber Technologies

Sumanth Chinta has been working in Caliber for more than 13 years, having the opportunity to work with major industry leaders in the Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical and Life Science industry in the USA, UK, Singapore, and India. Sumanth has extensive knowledge and experience with LIMS and Integrated Quality Management. He is a thought leader in the industry and has helped many companies digitalize their processes.

At Caliber, Sumanth has taken up multiple roles that gave him the opportunity to implement and perform technical pre-sales and sales of ‘Laboratory Informatic Systems’ across the globe. Sumanth has worked and implemented projects in various domains of the industry as pharmaceutical, petro-chemical, medical devices or food processing industry, clinical trails, Bio-Banking and environment monitoring, between others.


Covid 19 has presented the pharma world with a unique opportunity to pause and re-evaluate their strategic priorities. There is a growing and immediate need to have a future-ready plan of operations. In the current situation, companies who already crossed the threshold of Industry 3.0 have reaped benefits of their foresight. Now, in order to accelerate operations and build scalability, pharma companies must rely on the right tools. They must plan to create an Integrated Quality Management system to use digital data for intelligent decision-making.

Sumanth Chinta presents a holistic view for the Pharma industry, addressing the learnings from Covid and how companies must lay out a roadmap for complete digital transformation.

Who Should Benefit?

  • CIO, QC Head, QA Head, Manufacturing Head, CxOs and other decision-makers

Why should you attend / Session Learning 

  • Embracing change and building a smarter, future-ready digital framework
  • Plan the roadmap for digital transformation
  • A guide on the right strategy to make scalability and operational efficiency simpler
Caliber Technologies offers the widest range of solutions for Process Automation, Quality Management, and Regulatory Compliance. Caliber's key differentiator is our product suite which gives companies the unique opportunity to create Integrated Quality Management with a single suite of products.

Caliber's Product Suite includes:

  • Quality Control - CaliberLIMS
  • Quality Assurance/Management - CaliberQAMS, CaliberDMS, Nichelon5 CMS
  • Manufacturing - CaliberBRM, CalibereLog, CaliberESM
  • Analytics & Insights - CaliberAPQR, CaliberDashboards, CaliberLabAssistant
Caliber’s informatics solutions cater to the key departments within a regulated enterprise, including Quality Assurance(QA), Quality Control(QC), and Manufacturing. With this suite of products, data from different sources can be seamlessly brought together and maintained for Integrated Quality Management. To this, Caliber adds another level of data management and analysis, with its QPyramid, turning data into intelligent decisions.
At Caliber, we create products that enhance operations and digitally transform highly regulated enterprises with efficient, thoroughly compliant, and secure automation solutions. We provide robust support to Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Manufacturing and Future Enterprise Analytics needs which collectively create a superior Integrated Quality Management system.