Automate, optimise and enhance experimental workflows in your Lab with eLabNext and Ascenscia laboratory voice assistant

[ Tuesday, September 26th 2023 | 4:00 pm CEST | 3:00 pm BST ] 

The Paperless Lab Academy® is glad to propose, under the Academy Webinar Program umbrella, a presentation from eLabNext and Ascencia,  in which they
will discuss how to automate, optimise and enhance experimental workflows laboratories supported by
eLabNext and Elementa Laboratory Voice Assistant.

eLabNext and Ascenscia Webinar

Presenting: Chris Austin, Director of UK and Ireland at eLabNext 

Chris has a background in Medicinal Chemistry and company leadership as the previous Managing Director of IKA in the UK. Most recently, Chris led Elemental Machines locally from the UK as they expanded into Europe where he sold real-time monitoring and instant alerting of freezers and other laboratory assets before taking on his new role at eLabNext. Having used paper notebooks and physically cut and pasted IR and NMR charts amongst others at the University of Leeds, Chris is excited to help us further digitize the management of samples and experiments in all laboratories throughout the UK and Ireland.



Presenting: Ahmed Khalil, Founder and CEO at Elementa

Ahmed Khalil is the co-founder and CEO of Elementa Labs. Ahmed kicked off his career in sales and business development in big pharma and medical devices. Later in his career, he transitioned to early-stage drug discovery, after finishing his MSc. in medical and pharmaceutical drug innovation and specializing in cancer immunotherapy.  During his work as a scientist in various labs around the Netherlands, he noticed inefficiencies that labs struggle with when it comes to data documentation and data management.  As a result, he started his entrepreneurial journey, combining his commercial and technical expertise, to enable scientific labs to accelerate their drug innovation process and reduce costs through high quality documentation and efficient data management. 


Adopting digital technologies in scientific laboratories can be difficult and time-consuming. Based on real-world use scenarios, we will emphasise the use of eLabJournal as a secure and compliant ELN tool, as well as how Elementa voice assistant, as an add-on tool, can improve ELN adoption and user experience.

Key takeaways

Learn about the most secure and compliant ELN in eLabJournal and how it benefits from Elementa laboratory voice assistant; learn about how combining eLabJournal ELN and Elementa voice technology can optimize workflows in the lab and improve data quality.

Who is the webinar for?

If you are looking at protecting your IP, scale your biotech startup and are curious about how a voice assistant can help you optimise and enhance experimental workflows, then this is the webinar for you.


One hour free Online presentation includes Q&A session with the presenters
Access to the recorded session for the registrees


eLabNext is your partner in lab digitization. Their centralized Digital Lab Platform enables scientists to optimize laboratory processes and accelerate research discoveries. Maximize capabilities by integrating free add-ons from Marketplace or develop your own with eLab APIs & SDKs. Their team of friendly experts are always ready to assist you and your team. eLabNext is a brand of Bio-ITech BV, part of Eppendorf Group.

Ascenscia is a highly specialized voice assistant for scientific labs. Elementa integrates seamlessly with pre-existing lab software or hardware solutions to enable scientists to access and document data through simple, hands-free voice commands. Accordingly, labs are able to accelerate their early-drug innovation by saving time, optimizing workflows, and increasing the quality of their data.