Pragmatic Approach to Achieve Data Integrity & Compliance


This workshop will highlight data integrity challenges and provide pragmatic automation approaches

Session learnings

You will know how data integrity can be automated

You will know what are the various solution options available for data integrity

Areas covered in this session 

Data integrity requirements

Automation architecture for data integrity

what automation solution options are available to manage data integrity


Who should benefit

Quality control, R&D, QA, regulatory compliance personnel

Why should you attend 

All over the world, data integrity issues have been unearthed. It is quite common to discuss culture, top-down approach, management commitment, supporting whistleblower etc. In this session, we are trying to give a more pragmatic automation approach to deal with this issue rather than the theoretical solution. Also, we will be showcasing a unique data integrity solution for regulated industries Selecting a solution is tricky enough without adding the complexity of technological choices.

This workshop will provide insight into the benefits associated with different types of Cloud-based solutions.



Mukunth Venkatesan Paperless Lab Academy

Name: Mukunth Venkatesan

Title: CEO





Mukunth Venkatesan started his career as a bio-medical instrumentation engineer.

He joined Agaram group 26 years back to lead the analytical instrumentation and R&D division for manufacturing HPLCs in India. 

Mukunth moved on to establish a software development team for instrumentation. Once he cut his teeth in instrument software development, the next logical step was to start developing “Laboratory Informatics” software.

Agaram Technologies today is a well-established “Laboratory Informatics” player having implemented its LogiLab ELN©, LogiLab SDMS© and QuaLIS© LIMS suite of products at a host of Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences laboratories across the globe.

agaram technologies paperless lab academy

Agaram Technologies is a global “Enterprise Class Laboratory Informatics” products suite provider. Over the last 2 decades, our entrepreneurial attitude has allowed us to provide solutions to real-life problems by realizing the needs of our customers, predominantly in regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals and life sciences.

Our products and solution along with process improvements have helped our customers in quality control and research laboratories meet cGMP, data integrity, GxP, regulatory compliance such as 21 CFR Part 11, EudraLex annex 11, ISO 17025 and other industry standards. We empower our customers to excel in their industry via automation for the digital era.

WHITEPAPER: 21-CFR-Part-11-Compliance-for-Analytical-Instruments-and-Software-System Data-Integrity LogiLAB SDMS

WHITEPAPER: Data-Integrity