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Connected Laboratory Workflows:  Signals Notebook a cloud based ELN and Instruments

PEI PerkinElmer InformaticsRecorded on November 23, 2021.

The Paperless Lab Academy® is glad to propose under the Academy Webinar Program umbrella, a presentation from PerkinElmer Informatics about direct instrument integration and exploring collaborations with instrument integration platforms through some successful proof-of-concepts and examples


Mark Goulding PerkinElmer academy webinar

Dr. Mark Goulding, Mycelial Consulting Ltd. 

An experienced Chemist and Industrial Research leader with extensive experience developed over a career initially as a Lab worker, progressing to leading and developing research strategy. 

With a passion for the Connected Lab of the Future and the collection of data in structured form, irrespective of its source, focusing organizations by asking, “How can digitalization really make life as a Research and Development Scientist better and what are the benefits for the organization as a whole?”  A proven ability to engage across complex matrix organizations, deliver project outcomes and drive change. 

Ben Bracke PerkinElmer Academy Webinar

Dr. Ben Bracke, Principal Field Application Specialist

With over 30 years of experience in the Chem- and Bioinformatics space.  Ben holds a Ph.D. in chemistry and did postdoctoral research at the University of Cardiff.  Starting his commercial career as a cheminformatics product manager at Chemical Design Ltd., he joined Oxford Molecular Ltd. in 1997 (which became Accelrys in 2001).  Ben joined Tripos UK Ltd. as a Senior Software Consultant in 2001. 

Since 2003 until today, he works at PerkinElmer, where he has held several positions in services, product management & product marketing.  Today Ben is focused on promoting the cloud based Signals Notebook and other connected Signals for research products. 

PEI PerkinElmer InformaticsPerkinElmer Informatics offers one of the most comprehensive suites of scientific software in the world. 

Our powerful informatics solutions are used across a spectrum of industries including Pharma and Biotech, Specialty & AgroChemicals, Energy & Petrochemicals, Flavors & Fragrances, Food & Beverage and Electronics. Our future-proof technology enables investigators in Life Sciences to capture and analyze their data from initial research and development of their therapeutics, through biomarker discovery & patient stratifications and ultimately live tracking of their clinical trials.

From our internationally recognized flagship ChemDraw® and E-Notebook applications, to our Signals Research Suite (Signals Notebook, Signals Screening and Signals Lead Discovery) to our exclusive TIBCO® Spotfire® partnership that brings scientific data analytics to visual life, no scientific company offers a wider range and more powerful suite of scientific solutions than PerkinElmer Informatics.