Opening Session: Data-driven approach leads to innovation

Data Driven Session PLA2023India

Planning for Lab 4.0 is the central theme of the Paperless Lab Academy® India Chapter.

The goal is to discuss how to get the most out of digitized labs so that all information provides valuable insights and accelerates innovation.

The #PLA2023India program therefore plans to take you through several reflection phases covering key topics to consider as you move towards the digital transformation of your labs and quality processes.

It is certainly necessary to clarify in advance what the concepts of digitization, digitalization and, above all, digital transformation mean.

Digitization would be what we used to call paper on glass a few years ago. Basically, it’s about translating analog information into a digital format and then storing it for better accessibility.

Digitalization entails changing business processes by using new software platforms to work faster.

Digital transformation goes beyond digitalization efforts and involves the entire organization. For most companies, it means moving away from traditional thinking and toward a synergistic approach where technologies are deployed across the enterprise to drive fundamental change.

The key benefits are increased efficiency, greater business agility and ultimately unlocking new value for employees, customers, and shareholders.

These new ways of working bring to light innovative solutions that, in turn, can improve the customer experience, drive employee innovation, and drive business growth at a fundamental level.

There are many different paths to digital transformation and each company’s journey is unique.

In this opening session, led by Raj Kumar Patra, Group Product Head – Quality & EHS/Supply at Reckitt and Dinu Abraham, Head Tech Apps Pharma R&D and Quality at Lupin, they aim to share their own experiences and insights with the audience.

Unlocking Data: the new gold mine

Raj Kumar Patra_Reckittpresenting: Raj Kumar Patra, Group Product Head – Quality & EHS/Supply at Reckitt

In today’s digital age primarily driven through technological innovations, data plays a key role to any organization’s success story. Whether it’s crucial business insights or trend analysis or investigative deep dive, data plays a crucial role in our life sciences and CPG industries.

Labs and R&D communities can benefit hugely from data led innovations and transformations if done correctly and scaled appropriately. Key is building the right foundations to then unlock multiple value streams powered through data pipelines and linked visualization solutions.

IT transformation and digitization programs in regulated environment

Dinu Abraham_Lupinpresenting: Dinu Abraham, Head Tech Apps Pharma R&D and Quality at Lupin

Collaborative innovation and operational excellence are possible through digital continuity. It requires organizations to transform from paper-based processes to data-driven approaches, from process execution to real-time business impact analysis, and from transactional to more standardized regulatory dossiers.


Companies that are data-driven tend to get where they want to go faster and more efficiently. As it becomes easier and easier to collect and store data today, data analytics is gaining momentum as the best technique for business decision making. Data and information are the basis of all actions, as such data collection and analysis are the main drivers. By using data from the past and present, a data-driven approach can help predict the future.

But again, we should not forget that the human factor plays an important role, as experience and background knowledge are crucial for final decision making.

On the other hand, many decision makers rely on their experience and instinct and base their decisions on a few numbers. However, how these numbers are interpreted remains subjective.

How to base decision making on hard facts, AKA data, and avoid the risk of making wrong assumptions and being guided by bias is the essence of the data-driven approach. not only for an appropriate approach to your digital transformation project, but also for sound business decision making.

Let´s hear more from our keynote speakers and panellists at #PLA2023India

Do not miss the opening session that will set the stage for the many discussions that will take place during these 2 fruitful days.

Raj Kumar Patra, Group Product Head – Quality & EHS/Supply at Reckitt

Raj comes with close to 2 decades of industry& technology experience across Lifesciences and CPG industries spanning R&D and Labs. He has led several large and complex business digital transformations spanning Cloud, Data and SaaS adoption. Currently he leads the product groups across Quality and Supply at Reckitt and is helping drive multiple value-based initiatives.

Dinu Abraham, Head Tech Apps Pharma R&D and Quality at Lupin

Dinu offers over nearly 20 years of thought leadership expertise in effectively partnering with the business, stakeholders, and product development team to manage large-scale Global IT Transformation / Digitization Programs in Highly Regulated Environments– Implementation of GxP Applications, IT Business Applications (cGMP / GxP Software, SOX & other commercials applications) Portfolio Management, CSV Lifecycle / Program Quality Management, Business Process Re-engineering, QC Lab & Mfg. Shop floor Automation, Setting up of CoE, Product Development/Enhancement. Dinu has also successfully led some of the Strategic GxP Automation & IT Programs

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