Key Factors for successful implementations Session at the PLA2023India

Key Factors Session at paperless lab academy 2023 india

As part of the Paperless Lab Academy® 2023 India program, a special session will be dedicated to a very pragmatic problem: How to ensure successful implementation of software systems (LIMS, ELN, LES…) without dying in the process.

We are glad to propose a dedicated session to that important topic, our keynote speakers, two thought leaders in the industry will address the situation and give the industry food for thought for their digitization projects. Mr. Kamlesh Padiya, Director at SynVision Chem Pvt. Ltd and Mr. Chandra Sai Dusanapudi, Assistant General Manager at Aurobindo Pharma Ltd.

“The advantages of an electronic database system over a paper-based system are well known and accepted,” explains in our interview Mr. Kamlesh Padiya.

As such in this particular session, we will take this as a given and focus on why it is still so difficult to successfully implement those lab informatics systems.

Human factor is key for successful implementation

Kamlesh Padiya_SynvisionPresenting Mr. Kamlesh Padiya, Director at SynVision Chem Pvt. Ltd

With nearly 20 years of experience implementing ELN and LIMS, Kamlesh will share his matured reflexions and conclusions about what prevents companies from getting the most out of these implementations. Everyone uses barcode reading in every store these days to capture and pay for merchandise. So what’s holding analysts, back at work, from realizing the full potential of an ELN ?

Change management, the mindset challenge, the cultural shift, the user interface … or the need to properly involve all business experts in defining the new digital processes and configuring the systems?

A deep analysis that Kamlesh will share with PLA2023India attendees to make them think and bring it to your teams.

Approach “3A-3C” for better digital-GxP 4.0

Chandra Sai Dusanapudi_AurobindoPresenting: Chandra Sai Dusanapudi, Assistant General Manager at Aurobindo Pharma Ltd.

Chandra has recently published the 3A-3C approach to digital solutions in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector and will further develop the 3A3C concept during his presentation.

Chandra proposes a better approach to overcome the current challenges in the digitization of the Pharma sector

3C, the challenges:

        • Compliance
        • Cost-effective solution
        • Comfy to use by end users

3A, the key steps to achieve the 3C:

        • Analyze the requirements
        • Assess the best fit to purpose solution and vendor
        • Adopt the solution at its best

A recent survey conducted by Mr. Dusanapudi found that 75% of participating Indian companies are still in the process of implementing LIMS applications, but not only, but also QMS and DMS.

The largest companies implemented solutions 10 or even 20 years ago. They have acquired extensive knowledge about digital data management, process digitization, automation, system connectivity, data lakes and more……Nevertheless, they are in a very single position of dedicated teams for digital transformation and operational excellence.

Thousands of companies are still struggling with the very first steps of their digital journey. Some are simply forced to think about it because auditors are becoming more demanding when they do not see digital processes. Others because the pandemic period has awakened the reluctant CFO and empowered the CIO, still others because they see the need to remain competitive, efficient, productive and compliant in a fully digitized ecosystem, and so on and so forth

In India and the rest of the world, there is still a high percentage of companies that are still struggling to find the right solutions, even though they have been in the market for almost 40 years. So let´s stop thinking that this is because of the solution and start putting the right pieces of the puzzle together for a successful implementation project.

Chandra Sai Dusanapudi, Assistant General Manager at AurobindoPharma Ltd

Currently working as AGM in AurobindoPharma Ltd. Having 17 years of experience inthe GxP domain. worked in Digitalization, CSV,IT Compliance, Analytical R&D and Quality control. He also has Published different articles on Data integrity,CSV, GxP cloud and other topics.

Kamlesh Padiya, Director at SynVision Chem Pvt. Ltd.

A seasoned Chemistry professional with 20 years of experience in the entire drug discovery cycle, from target scouting to Process Development and cGMP manufacturing of drug substances. I have managed all aspects of the Research and Development R&D project from planning and budgeting to scale-up and production support. Proven record in leading, managing, and delivering projects in a global environment. An accomplished leader in the development of a sustainable process for the manufacture of KSM and API, and the digital transformation of drug discovery and process research laboratories.

Successfully, configured and implemented several digitization projects at various organizations:

  1. E-Labnote book: Piramal Research Centre and Lupin Limited.
  2. LIMS: Piramal Research Centre
  3. CIMS (Chemical Inventory Management System); Nycomed Pharma
  4. KRISCH (Compound Registration System): Nycomed Pharma
  5. Spotfire (Data analytical tool): Lupin Limited.

In-house system developed and implemented

  1. LInfoViz (Lupin Information Visualization): Lupin Limited
  2. LuCIN (Lupin Chemical Inventory System): Lupin Limited
  3. LuCAS (Lupin Compound Archiving System): Lupin Limited

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