Press Release: Paperless Lab Academy® to partner with GarudaVARS for its Indian Chapter


The Paperless Lab Academy® (PLA) is a leading conference about digital transformation of laboratory processes and above all about mastering digital data to enable business decisions.

The PLA has recently celebrated its 10th European edition. In 2023, PLA  will celebrate it 4th Indian edition in October 10 & 11 at the Marriott Westin Hyderabad Mindspace..

The two-day conference, organised by NL42 Consulting, brings together participants, industry though leaders, and solution providers in an environment designed to encourage mutual interaction and exchange of views during plenary sessions and theme-based interactive workshops.

NL42 Consulting is glad to announce its partnership with GarudaVARS for its second in-person edition in India.

Isabel Muñoz-Willery, owner of Paperless Lab Academy® and event director, said:

With the collaboration of GarudaVARS, we believe that the PLA’s successful formula will become a reference in the APAC region, sitting in India. GarudaVARS brings a team with strong experience on event management within the laboratory informatics arena. We believe this is the beginning of a promising journey for the PLA in the APAC region.”


Sruthi Shyamala, Director of Customer Relations & Partnerships comments:

“GarudaVARS collaborates with Paperless Lab Academy® for the Indian edition, which presents an opportunity to support the goal of connecting knowledge, skills, and business under one roof to simplify lab informatics and accelerate lab digital transformation.”

About the Paperless Lab Academy®

 The PLA conferences are held annually in Europe, India and US.

The PLA is aimed at directors and managers of research and development, IT, and quality departments in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, biotechnology, consumer goods, food and beverage, petrochemical and chemical sectors.

The conference aims to provide the ideal learning platform for all organisations involved in running laboratories to discuss about the consolidation, integration, and management of the digital data they generate.

Registrations are available at

About NL42 Consulting

NL42 Consulting is the owner and organiser of the Paperless Lab Academy®.

It is also a dynamic, free-thinking, independent management consultancy. Combining the flexibility and enthusiasm of a team with decades of experience in laboratories digital transformation. The expertise the company offers is a powerful combination of technical know-how, in-depth management knowledge of laboratory workflows and international networking.

Contact: Isabel Muñoz-Willery Ph.D.  

About GarudaVars

At Garuda VARS, we are passionate about collaborating with businesses and assisting them in their business growth. With in-depth expertise and significant experience in Problem Solving, Business Analytics, Creative Services, Event Management, and Business Development, we offer our clients a variety of services tailored to suit their individual requirements and enhance their business acumen.

Contact: Sruthi Shyamala  


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