Academy Webinars Fall Program: Journey to digitally transformed laboratory

paperless lab academy webinars program

The Paperless Lab Academy®  is proposing an outstanding Academy Webinar Program for this fall.

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You are welcome to access to each and every session. The full list of available session from the academy are to be find at @academywebinarprogram.   The sessions are recorded and available on demand.

Academy Webinar: Journey to a Digitally Transformed Laboratory 

Thermo Fisher academy webinarThis Academy Webinar from Thermo Fisher Scientific  discusses about how to develop a realistic strategy for your digital projects.

Across all scientific industries, organizations are looking at their digital transformation journey and trying to map out the key strategies to achieving a fully digitally enabled laboratory. The key to creating and implementing a digital strategy is determining where efficiencies can be made and where technologies can provide a competitive edge.

Looking at the most recent technological advancements, and those yet to come, organizations need to understand where they are in their digital transformation journey and how they can continue to move forward. Organizations are looking to implement more effective instrument connectivity, advanced software that can streamline processes, and tools and techniques to increase data efficiency.

Whether you are just starting to implement a strategy or are almost a fully digital laboratory, it is important to look at your current data infrastructure and your laboratory needs to develop a realistic strategy. With expertise in integration, data visualization, services and software, Thermo Fisher Scientific can help. Join the upcoming webinar to learn how to build a strategy that makes sense for your laboratory.

Academy Webinar: How to easily find and access your documents anywhere, anytime 

DEXSTR Academy WebinarA presentation from DEXSTR that demonstrate about finding your data instead of desperately searching them.

With the explosion of data volumes collected, the ability to process it becomes a real challenge.

To address this challenge, DEXSTR presents their new offer Inquiro lite. They discuss about how to Easily find your data and retrieve your siloed data from one single location.  You’ll improve your productivity by leveraging your untapped data, increase the global collaboration efficiency by sharing data in information-driven manner and monitor your data by creating your own dashboards

Academy Webinar: Data Review in the laboratories of the pharma industry

20211019_Academy Webinar InpharmaticA presentation from Inpharmatic about the benefits of a paperless scenario for raw data, with or without a LIMS.

The final version of the guideline PI 041-1 (1 July 2021) “GOOD PRACTICES FOR DATA MANAGEMENT AND INTEGRITY IN REGULATED GMP/GDP ENVIRONMENTS” details the Authorities’ expectations for the Review of electronic data (§9.8).

Based on this guideline, during the webinar we will talk about the importance of data review in the data lifecycle, how to be compliant with data integrity requirements and the essential checks to perform during a data review. like, consistency between data on the notebook/analytical worksheet and analytical request/order, validity of used reagents or accessories, availability of Raw data, etc

We will also make a comparison between the current paper-based data review and the electronic data review and will give participants important advice to improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of the review.

This include the benefits of Exception Reports: validated search tools that identify and document predetermined “abnormal” data or actions, which require further attention or investigation by the data reviewer.

More webinars are available at #academywebinarsprogram   


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