LONZA goes Live at the #PLA2021Europe

Lonza-MODA-ES paperless lab academy 2021 Europe

Lonza is Premium sponsor at the Paperless Lab Academy®, partnering every edition  and finding this platform the right place to be. At the online #PLA2021Europe, you’ll find multiple opportunities to learn from and interact with Lonza Informatics experts.

MODATM is a comprehensive platform for environmental, utility and product monitoring, combining automated scheduling, workflows, mobile data acquisition, device integration, and visual analytics. It eliminates paper-based monitoring and testing that can be expensive, error-prone, time and labor- intensive, therefore enhancing Data Integrity, reducing timelines and potentially saving clients QC costs. 

03:00 – 03:30 pm CEST
Paperless lab projects and the pandemic: Challenges and Benefits of running an implementation virtually

Over 1 year later and with travel and onsite access significantly reduced, we discuss the impact of the pandemic on executing paperless lab projects. During this session we hear directly from those involved inimplementations over the past year, from the customer and the vendor perspective

What are the challenges that had to be overcome?
What are the benefits?
How did the industry adapt?
What changes are here to stay and will help with future projects?

03:30 – 04:00 pm CEST
 Live Q&A session with Sinead Cowman & Robert Lustkus

Sinead and Robert look forward to hear from you and share experiences on what they have learnt about running projects completely virtually and what tools and resources have been put in place to support this approach.

 04:00 – 04:30 pm CEST
Workshop Session: Practical applications of Data Integrity and Audit Trail Review

Learnings from this workshop will be: Regulatory requirements around audit trail review,  Examples of audit trail review strategies and Roles for audit trail review.
The why, what, when, where, who and how of audit trail review:
– Why – The focus on audit trails
– What – The basics of an audit trail
– When – Frequency of review
– Where – Areas of focus in the review
– Who – Responsibility for review
– How – Steps to ensure proper review

Lonza at Paperless Lab academy 2021 Europe

Sinéad Cowman, Global Business Development & Marketing Manager at Lonza Informatics

Sinéad studied Microbiology at Trinity College Dublin and has over 20 years’ experience in QC Microbiology.
She joined Lonza in 2005 to manage their endotoxin business in Ireland and for the past 10 years has been involved in their informatics division. 
She has worked with many organizations from small biotech to global pharmaceutical companies to implement and validate a paperless solution for QC Microbiology and help them achieve an automated integrated approach to data collection and evaluation.
She recently completed a PGDip in Strategy and Innovation at Oxford University and is focused on driving the strategic direction of informatics at Lonza.

robert lustkus paperless lab academyRobert Lutskus,  Associate Director Commercial Operations at Lonza Informatics

Rob was a Quality Control microbiologist for 10 years in pharma before transitioning to the laboratory informatics space. He has run and supported implementations and validations of software at numerous organizations globally and now heads the delivery team for the MODA EM solution.


Paperless Lab Academy 2021 EUROPE

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