8 European Edition of Paperless Lab Academy postponed to April 2021

Paperless Lab Academy 2021

In these difficult time of quarantine and high pressure on the ones working to save lives, laboratories are undoubtedly of crucial importance.

Paperless Lab Academy® main goal  is to feed the laboratories managers and directors with relevant content to support the digitisation of their analysis and quality processes. PLA aims for providing sound insights on how to build digital transformation strategies and plan for successful implementations, how to drive the change and influence positively the human factor.  Finally, PLA is the platform to meet with industry and the thoughtleaders, discover the latest solutions and find the right partner to collaborate with.

Paperless Lab Academy® had to make a final decision about the 2020 European edition of the congress. When the first signs of the pandemic were tangible in Europe , we thought that postponing our 8th edition to beginning of June was the right decision. Unfortunately, the evolution of the situation in Italy and the delayed waves of the pandemic reaching the rest of Europe, are forcing us to accept that the new date is not feasible for various obvious reasons.

Given the current circumstances, we have now unfortunately decided to cancel the 2020 European edition.

We would like to welcome all of you in April 27 & 28 2021, in the same venue with even more energy and enthusiasm.

We are running this yearly project with all our passion and will recover from this situation even stronger and eager to stick to our reputation and standards of quality event.

The trend of registrations of the #PLA2020 was increasing amazingly. By February 2020, the number was largely above previous editions. This signal is giving us a lot of confidence that we are building the right forum for you all, buyers and vendors, decision makers and final users, Lab managers and IT partners…

We are now working closely with our PLA2020 sponsors to propose a digital continuity during the next months and provide you interesting material.

Yet we need feedback and guidance!

Will you tell us what your colleagues and your organisation need right now, or in the months ahead? 

Please take 5  minutes to answer our simple survey – then you can leave the rest to us!


Our sponsors are the ones making the Paperless Lab Academy® possible and we’d like to thank them to stand beside us and build on a collaborative atmosphere for you all to benefit the knowledge and information available in the industry while remaining safe.

The Paperless Lab Academy Organisers

Isabel Muñoz-Willery & Roberto Castelnovo


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