Streamline Your Life Science Research with eLABJournal and eLABInventory (from Bio-ITech)

eLabJournal ELN Paperless Lab Academy

Streamline Your Life Science Research with eLABJournal and eLABInventory (from Bio-ITech, Sponsor at #PLA2019)

Bio-ITech Paperless Lab AcademyBio-ITech facilitates laboratories to improve efficiency and quality of research by providing comprehensive and flexible lab information management software. Our products LABJournal electronic lab notebook (ELN) and eLABInventory sample management system are developed and supported by life science experts and can be used by any lab from academia to industry.

The broad range of features and flexible add-ons qualify eLABJournal and eLABInventory as the perfect solutions for your whole research institute.

eLabJournal paperless lab academy



eLABJournal offers an intuitive and flexible solution to manage information in your lab. The all-in-one Electronic Lab Notebook also includes modules for sample tracking and protocol management. eLABJournal improves efficiency when documenting, organizing, searching and archiving data, samples, and protocols. The software is suitable for any lab ranging from small academic laboratories and start-up companies to large academic institutes and globally operating companies.



eLABInventory is a highly customizable sample management software that organizes any type of sample in the lab. It can be fully configured to work in your unique environment and offers standardized documentation, efficient and organized inventory storage and a full audit trail for every item.

Benefits of using eLABJournal and eLABInventory in your research lab:

  • One solution to all your lab needs –  eLABJournal is a fully integrated solution for data, sample and protocol management in your lab.
  • Keep your data secure – All data is automatically and safely stored in the eLABJournal cloud or your own servers depending on the hosting solution. Bio-ITech, the producer of eLABJournal, is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified, the globally accepted standard for information security management.
  • Access your data from anywhere – eLABJournal is a web-based ELN that allows you to access your data on any device, anytime, anywhere. Mobile access is available through the eLAB mobile App (Android & iOS).
  • Receive support from fellow scientists Designed by scientists for scientists. Our account managers all have a background in life science research. We understand the language of the lab and are happy to offer solutions to the problems you are facing.
  • Be fully compliant – With eLABJournal your lab is able to comply to regulatory guidelines of ISO and work in accordance with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). Experiments can be signed and counter-signed with electronic signatures to be locked for further modification in accordance with the FDA 21 CFR part 11 guidelines.
  • Visualize your sample database – Visualize the entire lab and set up storage locations according to your lab specifications. Easily browse through storage locations to locate samples in the lab.

While many ELN solutions are available as standard packages, Bio-ITech takes pride in getting to know customers personally so we can identify and service your unique needs.

bio-ITech paperless lab academy


If you are interested in a personal consultation with one of our life science consultants, please contact us.

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