The 7th edition of the Paperless Lab Academy is ready to go

For Isabel Munoz and Roberto Castelnovo, owners of the consultancy firm NL42, the time of the year has come to start planning the next edition of Paperless Lab Academy, the number one European lab informatics event. The choice of the location has been an easy decision thanks to the positive feedback gathered from attendees, visitors and sponsors of the 2018 edition. Easy to reach by train from Germany and Switzerland and by flight to the Milan Malpensa international airport, the Grand Hotel Dino in Baveno has been selected for the second time in a row, as the venue to host #PLA2019.
Everyone get ready then, and…save the date! April 9th and 10th, destination Lake Maggiore – Italy.

While setting the stage of the new edition, the objectives of the event remain the same and are the foundation of the growing international reputation of our congress: free access to attendees coming from companies that own a laboratory, showcase of consolidated and new solution providers, agenda composed of content rich presentations and interactive sponsored workshops, and stimulating networking sessions.

“The laboratory scientific data is at the center of the discussion and we´ll be looking for providing food for thoughts while covering the data life cycle phases.” Says Roberto Castelnovo organizer of the Paperless Lab Academy together with Isabel Munoz.

The electronic data life cycle, a topic that was already at the center of the attention at the Paperless Lab Academy of last year (#PLA2018), will still occupy a central role in the next edition.
Briefly, this article aims at looking at the eData lifecycle itself and at its four major phases, largely known by those who attended last year’s edition, named “eConnect, eManage, eDecide, eArchive”.



  • Effective workflow based on self-documenting data capture strategies, to ensure collection of raw data
  • Usage of instruments able to connect to the current lab platforms, to generate a paperless data management process and reduce risks
  • IoLT, Internet of Lab things
  • Smart Laboratory into the industry 4.0


  • Capability to deliver high quality results on timely manner generate meaningful information from trusted data.
  • Enabling of good practices and compliance of tools and processes
  • Facilitation of the interdepartmental communication
  • Coordination of the laboratory resources


  • Turn data into actionable insights
  • Data analytics
  • Comprehensive Dashboard
  • Simplification and shortening of data review and decision making processes
  • Creation of a “control room” within the laboratory, where scheduling changes are adjusted to ensure the activities are completed on time and on budget


  • Essentials to secure long-term multi-departmental archiving
  • Reduction of difficulties to find the right info and the right data
  • Data protection – protect the data value and the data consistency
  • GDPR compliancy


Companies like Gartner and Accenture, international press like Scientific Computing World have defined the Paperless lab Academy as the best European congress on lab informatics, a learning platform where to find answers to nowadays concerns and discover what the lab of tomorrow will be made of. The Paperless Lab Academy organization team is proud of the reputation that the event has acquired over the years and will keep on working hard to maintain the same level of quality for the years to come.

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