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1- scientific computing worldFreshly published from our media partner “Catalonia Calling” introduces the mission and objectives of the fifth edition.

The convergence of paper and digital will turn laboratory informatics into management information

Europe’s leading laboratory automation event, Paperless Lab Academy (PLA) 2017 will take place on the 4th and 5th April in Barcelona under the title: “2020 Roadmap for Digital Conversion” as the Scientific Computing World (SCW) article below reports.

‘For its fifth session, the PLA aims to stimulate creative and productive discussions that will set the basis for a successful Roadmap to 2020 to convert laboratory data into information with a purposeproviding the right information at the right moment and driving informed decision-making‘ -explained Peter Boogaard, founder of Paperless Lab Academy to SCW reporter.

The yearly event is aimed at directors and managers of research and development, quality and IT departments in markets as diverse as pharmaceutical, cosmetic, biotechnological and petrochemical. Most major LIMS, ELN, LES and SDMS suppliers will be participating in the event – which is free to attend – with around 200 delegates and 25 sponsors/exhibitors planning to register, as the aforementioned SCW article explains.
The emphasis during the previous editions of the PLA was put on raising awareness of “what works and what doesn’t” and of enhancing the visibility of the latest solutions and methodologies.

This year, The Paperless Lab Academy committee of Peter Boogaard, Isabel Muñoz-Willery, and Roberto Castelnovo will apply this approach to the following themes:

  • Expanding the holistic lifecycle.
  • Data analytics to detect data Integrity.
  • Spreadsheet management – how to manage differing versions of almost the same spreadsheet.
  • Audit trail as a source to improve operational excellence.
  • Data governance versus data integrity.
  • Transforming to self-documenting processes. Learnings from other industries.
  • The impact of robotics on paperless document flow.
  • How to measure the alignment of our personnel skill-set.
  • Waterfall vs agile processes.
  • Modeling and simulation to predict shelf-life time.
  • Gaining insights by integrating different scientific technologies processes.
  • Expanding the DI mindset to include simulation life cycle.

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