Roche Diagnostics presentation #PLA2020

Unlock your analytical instrument data for data science and more


The raw instrument data is the beginning of the most biological knowledge!
In this case study, we will give you some insights about the journey for instrument integration as a part of Roche Digital Transformation into Roche Pharmaceuticals Technical Development (PTD).

This case study shows you an overview on:
“Transfer data seamlessly from instruments to a cloud environment for rapid data access.
Unlock and store the data in a human readable standard format and enable access for all users and systems. Provide analysis and visualization capabilities, independent of instrument vendors.”
As a part of this case study we will provide the agile project setup (SCRUM), how we implement FAIR data principles and the technical solution including open software standards and a cloud environment.

Finally, we will look at the established solution and see how this can be implemented in the GxP environment.


SNasi Paperless Lab Academy

Name: Andreas Steinle

Title: Manager Digital Solution

Company: Roche Diagnostics GmbH


Andreas Steinle is accountable for digital transformation in the analytic department of Roche Pharmaceuticals Technical Development Europa since early 2018.
Between 2005 to 2017, Andreas was head of the group “Analytical Systems” with the responsibility for support of validation of analytical systems and laboratory equipment (pH Meter, HPLC, LIMS, Archiving, etc.) in Roche Pharma Biotech Production in Penzberg.
In addition in this role he he was also responsible for the integration of laboratory equipments into enterprise systems and the representation to health authorities.

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