Food for thoughts from the PLA2018 interactive Panel Forum

interactive panel forum PLA2018

The interactive panel forum, a new initiative launched by the 6th edition of the event, has allowed us to bring together a very interesting multidisciplinary poll of thought leaders coming from different markets. from left to right: Mark Newton – Principal at Heartland QA – retired Associate Sr Consultant QA […]

The Who´s Who Lab Informatics solutions providers

lab informatics providers

The Who´s Who Lab Informatics solutions providers at the Paperless Lab Academy 2018 Once again, our Premium Media Partners, Scientific Computing World and Editrice Industrial and their 2 dedicated portals and are facilitating an exhaustive presentation of the Paperless Lab Academy 2018 Sponsors in English and in Italian respectively. […]

Traditional lab informatics vs Cloud services

The Paperless Lab Academy celebrated in Amsterdam in May 2014 discussed over three main questions  for a laboratory of the industry. The first was whether paperless laboratories do better science, and the second was dedicated to analysing the implications of the Cloud for the traditional informatics vendors, as Tom Wilkie […]