Knowledge and Wisdom in R&D

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Are you smart and wise enough for the future of R&D? In the previous contribution is Data the NewOil in R&D too? I discussed the bottom half of the “DIKW” pyramid : Data is the raw material at the bottom of the pyramid, possibly without context or use case Information […]

Is data the New Oil in R&D too?

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The value of the DATA  “Data is the new oil” (1) means that data has become the most valuable economical resource, as is indicated by the skyrocketing value of the digital tech giants. In R&D however, data has always been the most valuable resource, inspiring scientists, making or breaking theories. So, […]

Seamless integration and interoperability for effective Lab Automation: Latest on SiLA

Paperless Lab Academy® recently sat with Daniel Juchli, CTO of Wega Informatiks and discussed the relevance of the recent SiLA2 release for the Lab Informatics users. Lab Automation – Which problems do you see laboratories facing every day? Currently, laboratories struggle with a lack of integration and communication between different […]

Introduction to the FAIR principles


[ Recorded Presentation] FAIR DATA, DATA Catalogs, and the foundations of AI artificial Intelligence  At the Paperless Lab Academy 2019 held last spring at the Lake Maggiore, we discuss intensively the archival part of the eData life cycle. Automation of the laboratory processes is all about data management. The technology […]

[Press Release] LeapAnalysis to present world’s first-ever at the Paperless Lab Academy 2019

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LeapAnalysis presents world’s first-ever search and analytics engine with semantic connectivity in Europe Access full press release LeapAnalysis (LA),(  a specialist for Big Data Solutions, will present the first-ever search and analytics engine with semantic connectivity in Europe at the Paperless Lab Academy, Baveno, Italy, April 10, 2019. The company […]

Empower your eData Life Cycle

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The PLA2018 central theme will focus the discussions on how to empower your eData Life Cycle. In the new era of the internet of things and artificial intelligence, the majority of the laboratories have still a long way to go moving from paper based processes to paperless ones. At Paperless […]