Academy Webinars Summer program

paperless lab academy webinars program

The Paperless Lab Academy® has just concluded its Academy Webinars Summer Program and offers numerous recorded session On Demand. Then program will restart by September with sessions from ThermoFisher, DEXSTR, Inpharmatic, PerkinElmer …

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You are welcome to access to each and every session. The full list of available session from the academy are to be find at @academywebinarprogram.   Below examples of you can find in the Academy webinars program

Academy Webinar: Planning a Tomorrow-Ready QC Lab with Caliber Technologies 

Tomorrow ready QC LabThis Academy Webinar from Caliber discusses the critical digital changes to be brought in to the QC lab to make it Tomorrow Ready. At present, Pharma companies follow a standard approach towards the tools they implement and envision for their lab. The focus is still limited to removing paper-related obstacles and reaping a finite number of short-term benefits. But there can be more to lab digitalisation. A paradigm shift in approach is needed to make lab digitalisation more sustainable by adopting futuristic tools for predictive analysis, ensuring that the lab meets quality and productivity KPIs and generate better return of investment recognition in a QC lab.

Academy Webinar: Lab Efficiency and Data Integrity with Empower PLUS Solutions with Waters Corporation

Lab Efficiency and Data Integrity with Empower PLUS SolutionsA presentation from Waters that demonstrate how much more you can do with the systems you already have and how to plan for phased implementations and incremental extensions to automate your laboratory workflow. Many companies are not using all of the available functionality in their existing systems and you may be able to do a lot more with what you already have in place, or with small incremental expansions. Many laboratories however may be working with a mixture of standalone workstation instrument PCs, paper lab books and small networks. A major new software implementation – for example, deploying a LIMS – would need:

  • CRLF Significant time and effort from laboratory personnel while your analysts are busy trying to complete their routine tasks, sometimes with limited laboratory access,
  • Tremendous IT support when most IT groups are busy managing remote access and overloaded VPNs, and
  • Large capital investment at a time when many companies are struggling with much reduced revenues and reduced budgets

Academy Webinar: Digital Continuity from R&D to Manufacturing with Dassault Systèmes 

digital continuity from R&D to manufacturingA Dassault Systèmes presentation about how BIOVIA solutions help CROs, CMOs and CDMOs achieve collaborative innovation & operational excellence through Digital Continuity. The presentation discuss the key that helps organisations attain Digital Continuity and transform:

  • From Product to Experience, through multi-scale & multi-discipline support
  • From document based and siloed designs to data-driven and model based approach
  • From siloed organisations to Flexibility in a Global Company
  • From Capacity Maximisation to Cycle Time Optimisation
  • From process execution to real time business impact analysis
  • From Transactional to more standardised regulatory dossiers & quality

Academy Webinar: Unleash your lab’s productivity with Merck 

Merck Lanexo WebinarPresentation from Merck about the opportunities to  improve productivity, compliance, and safety in laboratory management through digitalisation. 

  • How many times have you tried pulling a chemical required for an experiment only to find that someone else from your lab has already taken it? Or that the chemical just expired and you now need to wait several days to receive a new supply?
  • How much did you sweat in your last audit when the auditor asked about the documentation regarding  the usage of chemicals and reagents?
  • Did you know that most laboratories spend 25% of their available working time on  the management and documentation of consumables, chemicals, reagents, and equipment?
  • Why do we still accept compliance and safety risks by using paper or Excel-based data capture or data transfer?

In this session, you discover the opportunities to improve productivity, compliance, and safety in laboratory management through digitalisation.

Academy Webinar: Intelligent Automation in QC Management with Accenture

Academy webinar AccentureA presentation from Accenture about the new challenges faced in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Before the global pandemic, the industry was already facing problems of exploding drug development costs and increasingly complex supply chain and regulatory environments, as well as downward price pressure from generics, global health systems and outcome-based pricing models. The unprecedented challenges of the pandemic forcing remote work and demanding tests, vaccines and therapies at desperate speed, only add to the challenges. To date, Quality has throttled speed to market and been a necessary, but precious, cost. Today’s business cannot afford the reactive, manual and still largely paper-based Quality processes.

It is no longer enough to talk about digitalization and automation of antiquated Quality systems. It is now a business necessity to shift the Quality paradigm. Companies need to reduce the cost of Quality and increase the speed, efficiency, and reliability of our processes.

More recorded webinars are available at @academywebinarsprogram  


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