Digital Consumables Tracking for COVID-Time and Beyond


The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation of life science laboratories.

Digital tools for communication, project management, data sharing and consumables tracking are now vital necessities for operating under the restrictions of a global pandemic. Accurate traceability of consumables’ data is particularly important in a regulated labAccurate traceability of consumables’ data is particularly important in a regulated lab; however, smart solutions for digital data capture and real-time consumables tracking have been slow to emerge.

Life science labs have always relied on meticulous record-keeping

Life science labs have always relied on meticulous record-keeping in notebooks, binders and other forms of paper trail. Over time, Excel spreadsheets have largely replaced paper binders, although they are still dependent on manual transcription. Today 85% of labs still use paper or Excel spreadsheets to track reagents and consumables, spending 25% of vital work time on inventory management tasks.

These methods are prone to human error and come at a great cost to overall productivity. Importantly, manual methods are not amenable to working-from-home, which is the current reality facing most businesses.

Merck’s LANEXO™ system is a new paperless, vendor-neutral digital solution for inventory

Merck’s LANEXO™ system is a new paperless, vendor-neutral digital solution for inventory, safety and compliance management that provides complete lab coverage. The system uses radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology for real-time consumables tracking and lets users manage their entire inventory from anywhere – including when working from home.

The LANEXO™ system digitally captures consumable data and links it to a unique RFID label placed directly on the package. A Smart Seal RFID Label records the opening date and automatically calculates the expiration date based on when the tamper-proof seal is broken. Location RFID labels for storage cabinets and user access cards further ensure traceability.

The unique benefits have allowed LANEXO™ users to quickly adapt during the pandemic restrictions

Whether working on site or remotely, lab managers and designated users can easily access data on open/expiry dates, location, ownership and per-unit consumption via the intuitive LANEXO™ web application or user-friendly mobile app. System alerts on low-stock or expired items help ensure the lab is always fully stocked and operational!

LANEXO™ users on average spend 92% less time to find and document consumables data; naturally, this translates to more productivity.

Accurate electronic records also improve data accuracy and help labs adhere to regulatory and safety guidelines. For example, the system improves safety compliance by alerting users when incompatible reagents are stored together. The fully-searchable LANEXO™ digital inventory system also facilitates audit-readiness and GxP/regulatory compliance by instantly matching reagents, including in-house preparations, with a full audit report.

These unique benefits have allowed LANEXO™ users to more quickly adapt during the pandemic restrictions and support their labs remotely. It helps that the system is so easy to use and integrate into existing workflows. Users can manage their entire inventory, assign tasks and collaborate on experiments, regardless of where they are located.

Digital tracking of lab consumables is the future. The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing life science labs to embrace that future sooner—whether they are ready for it or not. As far as lab management is concerned, the LANEXO™ digital inventory system is welcomed progress.

Begin your digital lab transformation on the right path.


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lanexoDr. Christian Kuechenthal leads the Business Franchise “Lab Management Tools”, which includes the LANEXO and BrightLab product portfolio, within the Connected Lab Promise Venture organization of Merck Life Science. He has a proven track record in generating innovation in the performance materials and life sciences in Germany and Israel. Besides his current position at Merck, Christian teaches Innovation Management at the Universities of Hamburg and Giessen, and supports as coach and business angel the German start-up environment. He holds a PhD in Medicinal-organic Chemistry and an MBA of the Collège des Ingénieurs, Paris/Turino/Munich.


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