[Press Release] LeapAnalysis to present world’s first-ever at the Paperless Lab Academy 2019

Osthus paperless lab academy

LeapAnalysis presents world’s first-ever search and analytics engine with semantic connectivity in Europe

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LeapAnalysis (LA),(www.leapanalysis.com)  a specialist for Big Data Solutions, will present the first-ever search and analytics engine with semantic connectivity in Europe at the Paperless Lab Academy, Baveno, Italy, April 10, 2019. The company will demonstrate how users can identify the data that matters to them quickly and run analysis on it without needing to integrate the data first. LeapAnalysis (LA) was launched officially at Enterprise Data World in Boston, MA, USA on March 19 and is part of the OSTHUS Group, a German-based technology innovation group.

The new solution is designed to overcome the issues associated with expensive and time-consuming data warehouses and – lakes where data needs to be migrated and connected before users can understand its contents or process it. In contrast to this, the new technology combines the search and analytics engine with semantic connectivity to any data source in a virtual layer. Thus, it makes a migration of data into a single store redundant. Companies avoid expensive and cumbersome integration efforts.  For the retrieval of data Leap Analysis (LA) utilizes logically structured metadata and machine learning to understand company data sources as they exist – without the need for an ETL-Process (Extract-Transform-Load). Sophisticated translators operate directly on sources to perform all filtering. As a result, data can remain in silos, while behaving as if it were in a common location.

Osthus paperless lab academy


LeapAnalysis will be shown at the Osthus Workshop on Wednesday 10th at the #PLA2019


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