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ProLab, a unique and innovative module for project traceability and system validation


Name:            Mohamed-J. Ndiaye 

Company:     AGILAB

Title:               CRO



AgiLab – AgiLIMS at The AFLD (Laboratory of Anti-Doping Agency)

Presenter´s biography

Mohamed has been a LIMS project manager for several years. He has led many projects integrating LIMS applications in forensic science, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals and environment. A biologist by training, Mohamed holds a master’s in Bioinformatics and a second master’s degree in management of innovative projects.


Traditional laboratory software implementation and validation is a time consuming and costly paper based process that can be plagued with traceability errors and risks. Paper-based computer system validation requires users to dedicate a large amount of effort to create and maintain requirements, define test protocols and perform test execution.

ProLab, the project and validation management module from AgiLab Science platform, enables a 100% paperless and automated process from implementation to validation. ProLab manages everything from system and user requirements, specifications, tests feedbacks, qualification protocol scripts (IQ, OQ, PQ) and data sets, execution result capture, approval and sign off.

Using a QC LIMS implementation case study, AgiLab will demonstrate the significant benefits gained by organizations using this unique paperless approach for project management and system validation.

Session Learnings

Workshop attendees will learn how to improve deployment efficiency, reduce project cost and increase the likelihood of project success by:

  • Reducing implementation and configuration project risk
  • Facilitating collaboration & project management
  • Simplification of user requirements capture to delivery
  • Reducing validation cycle time and complexity
  • Increased compliance with tracking protocol executions and approvals

Company Introduction


AgiLab Science is the innovative LIMS and ELN platform for laboratories. AgiLab provides a unique platform for scientific data management and collaboration across Research & Development and Quality Control.

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Our AgiLab Science platform combines both Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) and Laboratory Information System (LIMS) technologies to deliver solutions that increase efficiency and quality in your laboratory.

Accelerate your deployment with our AgiLab Science specialized applications for BiologyChemistryFormulationsMicrobiology and Quality Control and functional modules for processes such as Metrology and CAPA.

The installation of LIMS has allowed us to really improve the traceability of the samples, to reduce the risk of errors when entering data and sample identifications, because it has been custom-built according to our procedures. Marjorie CARIOU, The Laboratory of Anti-Doping Agency