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Workshop Session



The Lab of the Future - Today

R Lutskus Paperless Lab Academy

Presenter: Robert Lutskus, Director Informatics Operations at Lonza Informatics

Rob was a Quality Control microbiologist for 10 years in pharma before transitioning to the laboratory informatics space. He has run and supported implementations and validations of software at numerous organizations globally and now heads the delivery team for the MODA EM solution.


What is the lab of the future? The answer will differ from one organisation to the next and where they are in the journey to achieve that vision will also vary. 

In this workshop we will discuss the various components that will make up the lab of the future.  What are the different technologies that will facilitate achieving this and how and where to start.  We will also discuss the key considerations when evaluating new technologies to ensure that they meet your future needs and how to build a business case to show the return on investment and communicate the impact to the business.

Session learnings

  • Strategies for moving to the lab of the future
  • How to plan for Digitalization, implementation and automation projects
  • Building a business case to justify investment in these projects

Who should benefit 

Anyone involved in implementing and using lab systems and devices.

Areas covered 

  • What is the lab of the future?
  • How to plan for your, lab of the future today.
  • Evaluating your current process and the desired future
  • A practical approach to building a business case to show the ROI to implement new technologies





The MODA® Platform is a comprehensive platform for environmental, utility and product monitoring, combining automated scheduling, workflows, mobile data acquisition, device integration, and visual analytics. It eliminates paper-based monitoring and testing that can be expensive, error-prone, time and labor- intensive, therefore enhancing Data Integrity, reducing timelines and potentially saving clients QC costs.