Inpharmatic Workshop

Collect your instruments in a unique platform and review data digitally

Pierluigi Agazzi, Inpharmatic speaker workshop @PLA2021 Europe

Presenter: Pier Luigi Agazzi, Partner and Computer Validation Consultant at Adeodata

Graduated in Electronic Engineer (Master) in 1985, he attended some courses about AI at MIT in Boston and also a Master in Business Administration (MBA) at Politecnico di Milano.
From 1985 to 2000, he worked as an automation and process instrumentation engineer for chemical and pharmaceutical plants in international environments.
Since 2000, he is a Computerized System Validation Engineer and partner of Adeodata.
He took part in several 21 CFR Part 11 compliance assessment and gaps remediation plans for production and QC departments, working with ERP (SAP) and Electronic Batch Record Systems. He is also involved in several Data Integrity assessments.
He is an expert trainer and auditor specialized in computerized systems validation and Data Integrity compliance.
Since 1992, he’s an active member of GAMP Italia group and ISPE.


Discover an innovative platform able to:

Collect instrument measurement details, enriching them with all essential metadata: Date&Time, attributability, measurement context, sample ID…
Connect all your laboratory instruments to a unique repository, solving data integrity issues.
Drive the measurements through an approval workflow and review with Electronic Signature.
Reduce human errors, improving data reliability.
Increase efficiency, gaining time for quality.
Create a safe data flow between the lab and the business.
Generate reports based on data acquired, according to your needs.
Be smart, use Ioi wherever you are through Tablet, Smartphone, PC.


Session learnings 

Collect your bench and stand-alone equipment in a unique platform.
Achieve Data Integrity compliance.
Digitalize your laboratory with our paperless solution.
Review electronic data and improve laboratory efficiency.

Areas covered in this session 

-Data Integrity
-Simple and complex instruments integration
-Paperless data management
-Lab digitalization
-Quality improvement

Who should benefit

Analyst, Supervisor, Quality Control Manager, Quality Assurance and IT department

Inpharmatic, the R&D department of Adeodata, is a team combining professionals with more than 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and a new generation of software designers, coordinated by project managers of international experience.
The team aims to develop solutions able to add the benefits of efficiency and integration to the pharma industry systems, making them compliant with Data Integrity requirements.
Inpharmatic is enlarging and structuring its organization in order to support the success of the proposed solutions.

The smart way to achieve Pharma 4.0 and Data Integrity goals