LabWare Workshop 

How the Internet of Lab Things, #IoLT, is changing the Laboratory World

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Presenter: Mark Gonzalez, Technical Director at LabWare

Mark Gonzalez is Technical Director for LabWare’s European operations and is also responsible for LabWare’s Nordic organisation. He has been involved in Laboratory Informatics for over 30 years.

After a few years working as a LIMS Administrator, Mark moved over to the vendor side of LIMS, working in a variety of jobs from Technical Representative to Software Development Manager.

In 1995, Mark joined LabWare, who were looking to achieve in Europe the same success they had achieved within the USA. Mark implemented the first installations of LabWare’s software within Europe.

GLangrish Paperless Lab Academy

Presenter: Graham Langrish, Sales Manager at LabWare

Graham is Sales Manager Life Sciences for LabWare Ltd, for  the UK and Ireland.  Graham has been involved in Laboratory Informatics for more than 25 years.

After initially starting life in the Analytical Instrumentation arena, Graham joined Thermo LabSystems where he had responsible for CDS and LIMS, from there moving to LabVantage and IDBS.

In 2014, Graham joined LabWare to continue LabWare’s success in providing LIMS and ELN with in the UK and Ireland territory.



More and more devices are including connectivity technology, allowing them to be part of a persistent network. This includes laboratory instruments such as balances. These instruments can become a seamless part of a laboratory’s Internet of Things (IoT) environment, allowing quick interfacing and simple usage. During this session, we will discuss the practical ways of creating an Internet of Lab Things (IoLT) environment, and the technical and regulatory challenges to be expected. Actual devices such as wirelessly-connected instruments, printers and mobile phones will be used to illustrate how IoLT can work in the real world.

Session learnings

The session will discuss and provide practical example of using mobile devices to capture data from Lab instruments and some of the challenges.

Areas covered in this session 

Strategies for implementing
Internet of Laboratory Things
Mobile Devices
Instrument connectivity

Who should benefit

End-users, System Administrators, IT architects and other personnel who is considering using mobile devices to capture data.


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LabWare is recognized as the global leader in providing enterprise-scale laboratory automation solutions.

LabWare’s Enterprise Laboratory Platform is a unique and proven suite of products capabilities that encompass LIMS, ELN, and LES method execution in an integrated and enterprise-ready
solution.  LabWare’s Enterprise Laboratory Platform encompasses all of the traditional LIMS and ELN concepts and extends them even further by adding complementary capabilities and technologies. Most importantly, it does so with complete and seamless integration. The result is a single system that meets the diverse needs of the modern laboratory.


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