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Drug Product Life Cycle Management - From Concept to Realization Overview

Louis Hendriks Paperless Lab Academy

Presenter: Louis Hendriks, founder and CEO at Global Value Web 

Louis Hendriks is Founder and CEO of Global Value Web (GVW). His mantra for GVW and for his clients is ‘Executing for Today. Organizing for Tomorrow’. Through his 30+ years of experience in global Business Process Services, Louis brings to GVW a deep understanding of partnering in global networks, delivering competitive value to clients. Louis has in-depth experience in the Health / Life Sciences industry, as well as the Energy Industry.

Through GVW, Louis continually looks to improve the quality of various value chain data areas, including the Laboratory domain, for its global clients thus helping multinationals to operate Global Value Chains, in compliance with regulations, effectively, efficiently and resilient for the best value outcome possible.

Prior to starting Global Value Web in 2006, Louis has driven many value chain improvement and integrations for various global companies. Louis has successfully designed, sold and implemented remote managed services (BPO) for Capgemini’s customers such as Dow Corning, Zurich Financial Services, Laurastar, Eneco, etc.




Why having an Efficient and Effective Lab Matter?

Let’s face it, the lab workload is testing compounds and samples. Lots of it! Increasing levels of digitization generates a wall of data; material specifications and laboratory methods to be set-up and maintained in many different Lab Systems amongst others. Global Value Web (GVW) deals with this data every day and proactively works towards an increased efficiency per Laboratory Master Data-type, so clients execute tests faster, reliably, with compliance, and preserving or contributing to the data integrity of the drug products involved.

This efficiency improvement involves a few steps:

  • Structuring Lab Master Data from Document-level to Attribute-level in mature Drug Product Lifecycle Management Systems
  • Generation of an AI-driven Digibots that can configure Material Specifications in LIMS

At PLA Europe 2022, GVW wishes to demonstrate the Digibot Evolution following the overarching Life Sciences Value Chain context including Product Data to be captured at Attribute-level, linked together through a solid Drug Product Lifecycle Management solution.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is at the heart of any value chain with specific challenges, lengthy research, and drug product development periods. Additionally, a higher volume of individualized products for scientific innovations in cell and gene therapies require the same reliability in data processing as small molecules and generics.

Unfortunately, product data generated across the entire Life Sciences Value Chain still resides in many stove-pipe solutions with limited connections. The solutions for digitization must deal with this reality as the underlying technology platforms mature slowly over time. Big data initiatives combined with ML and AI promise to overcome those challenges, but in reality, those promises hardly ever come to fruition or are time consuming. One more reason for a pragmatic road towards intelligent automation.

Who should benefit

From C-level executives, through Quality VP’s, Directors, from managers to the knowledge professionals in the lab; A shared vision with a milestone on the horizon, visible to all stakeholders is the recipe for success.

Areas covered in this session 

Laboratory Master Data. Material Specifications through Laboratory Methods. Lab Systems. Intelligent Automation. Lifecycle Management. And bot technology embedded in lab operations of the future.

Session learnings

In this GVW workshop the attendees learn how to take a holistic view across the value chain breaking down digitization in pragmatic steps.


Enabling the transition
Executing for today, Organizing for tomorrow.

 GVW is an expert in the field of reliable and accessible data, connecting the dots and improving our client’s value chains. Our goal: to boost your performance, optimize your data and enable you to serve your customers better than ever before! GVW believes data can be a way to unify functions and processes in organizations. We ensure continuity of business through compliance and data integrity. GVW’s experts work with your professionals and provide valuable insights, enabling your experts to run operations more efficiently with lower cost and lower margins of error. Furthermore, we supercharge the development of current products and processes through data accessibility and the shared knowledge of the GVW Value Partners.

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