Binocs Workshop 

Optimize Your Lab Performance by Building the Digital Twin of Your Lab

FJA binocs workshop PLA2020

Presenter: Frederik Jaenen,  Head of business development at Binocs.
Frederik Jaenen is the VP Sales of Binocs. He is currently supporting laboratories across various industries in digitalizing their planning process using Binocs planning and scheduling. He is specialized in the deployment of different IT systems in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Earlier implementation experiences include systems such as LIMS, Manufacturing Execution Systems, Product Lifecycle Management, Advanced Planning Systems and Process Analytical Technologies.


Are you curious to discover the digital twin of your lab performance? What it looks like? You have probably seen a lot of theoretical models and abstract articles about it. In this workshop, we will make it tangible and build it up together with you.
Automated lab scheduling enables your team to move away from firefighting and allows it to work more efficiently and optimally.
Forecasting potential bottlenecks in the upcoming weeks and months have never been easier. With “what-if” scenarios, you can identify the right solutions in a few clicks.
Join our workshop to learn how to build a digital twin of your lab performance using these 5 building blocks:

1. Model your capacity: instruments, people and their competencies, who can execute which method, how these capacities evolve with time (hiring, people getting qualified for additional methods…)
2. Gain control over all your demand sources and model demand which is not yet known in LIMS.
3. Configure standard times and internal business rules that determine how you work. “Shall we start the tests campaign immediately or wait a bit for additional samples expected this afternoon?”
4. Define how you schedule. “Daily or a weekly basis? By shift?”
5. Decide which planning reports and lab performance KPIs you need and which ones you want to share.

Areas covered in this session

Scheduling- performance management

Who should benefit

Lab managers/directors, process development, R&D managers/ directors, operational excellence manager, QC/QA managers/ directors

Digitalising your QC/QA and R&D operations with Binocs

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Binocs is an enterprise cloud solution that enables short-, mid- and long-term visibility into your resource demand and capacity, and can schedule experts and equipment accordingly.
More than 850 teams use Binocs for capacity planning using scenario analysis, to automatically schedule analysts and instruments, and to measure past and project future planning adherence, resource utilization and throughput.
Binocs is your digital twin for :

  • Quality Control Labs and Quality Operations
  • R&D and Process Development
  • End-to-End Cell & Gene Supply Chain Planning
  • Clinical R&D, Regulatory Affairs and CMC

Gartner and BCG position Binocs as a digital enabler for the lab of the future.
Binocs is Bluecrux’ flagship solution for resource planning and scheduling. Bluecrux was founded in 2011 and grew to an organization with more than 130 planning experts operating on a global scale.

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