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Workshop Session

Actionable Lab KPIs: some industry best practices

FJA binocs workshop PLA2020

Presenter: Frederik Jaenen,  VP Business Sales at Binocs.
Frederik Jaenen started working for bluecrux in 2017, a company meanwhile with 180 planning experts operating on a global scale. Frederik has a master in Engineering started his career at Compex as a LIMS project manager. After Siemens acquired Compex in 2001, Frederik joined Siemens as a project manager for LIMS, PLM & PAT projects. During the past 5 years Frederik made a deep dive in the world of planning knowledge workers.
As a VIP Binocs Sales, he contributed to the BINOCS growth with a focus on the pharma industry segment. During that period Frederik collaborated with clients configuring the first BINOCS digital twin scheduling for both analysts and instruments.


Measuring lab service levels, lab throughput, asset utilization, first time right, … Sounds straightforward, but extracting reliable and actionable key lab performance indicators is more complex than it sounds. In this 45’ workshop, we’d like to involve the audience and discuss some of the most critical questions:

- Which corporate lab KPIs are really important?
- How do you arrive at a shared definition of these KPIs? And should you harmonize those definitions across your lab network?
- How can you deploy those KPIs across multiple labs?
- How to collect the relevant data reliably and communicate the KPIs efficiently?

Of course, we’ll share our vision on each of these questions, some benchmark references, and best practices.

Why attending the session

- to identify actionable key lab performance indicators
- to get benchmark references
- to share best practices

Who should benefit

Lab managers/directors, process development, R&D managers/ directors, operational excellence manager, QC/QA managers/ directors

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BINOCS is a leader in scheduling and capacity management created by Bluecrux. Bluecrux is a rapidly growing solution provider for value chains headquartered in Belgium, with offices in New Jersey, Ireland and the Netherlands.
BINOCS was created in 2015 and has become a market leader in supporting QC, Research & Development and Process Development operations across the world. The solution has been adopted by many major pharmaceutical, CRO, contract laboratory and biotechnology companies

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