Shining Light in Dark Corners of the Lab with Digital Tools


In many of today’s labs, workflows are handled through manual processes, which means there are more opportunities for human error, inconsistent record-keeping, and lost or incomplete data. As digitalization enters the lab and results become more data-driven, these gaps in traceability become more critical. This session will present Gilson’s solution to these issues: our connected sample preparation platform.

Session learnings

Understand key criteria for why workflows are not automated
Identify tasks in your workflow that could benefit from improved reliability, traceability, and reproducibility
Learn how Gilson’s connected platform can fill these gaps, more affordably, and in a more accessible way than robotic automation

Areas covered in this session 

Digitalization, Internet of Things, Sample Prep, Experiment Workflow, Traceability, Reproducibility, Ease of Use, Connected Lab, Pipetting

Who should benefit

Lab researchers and lab managers from private industries (pharma, biotechs, CRO, agro/food/cosmetic labs) and public organizations (institutes, research labs)

Gilson Trackman Connected


TDeJouvencel Paperless Lab Academy

Name: Steve DeCabooter

Title: Director of Connected Platforms 

GILSON Paperless Lab Academy

Gilson is a family-owned global manufacturer of liquid handling, purification and extraction solutions for the life sciences industry. We help researchers advance the pace of discovery by creating easy-to-use lab instruments that improve reproducibility and traceability. Since 1957, we’ve been developing innovative products such as PIPETMAN®. By partnering closely with the scientific community, we’re continuously advancing our product offerings and have added automated pipetting systems and software to our portfolio. Backed by worldwide R&D, service, and support, Gilson strives to enable verifiable science and make lab life easier for our customers.

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Use of an Electronic Pipette to Ensure Reliable, Reproducible Results with Repetitive Pipetting:


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