Experiences from paperless scheduling and performance follow up


During this workshop we’ll show how Binocs as the digital twin for the laboratory resource management, covering scheduling, planning and performance management.

Scheduling digitalizes the planning whiteboard, digitalizes lean lab practices and automates combining samples into runs in an optimal way, assigning resources optimally to confirmed work,… This is about short term scheduling of people and equipment on day basis.

Capacity planning simulates how demand and capacity compare in the coming months & weeks. Use this to verify resource/ competence bottlenecks before it’s too late; use Binocs in decision making about certain scenarios (can we accept an additional order?), steer outsourcing/ external staffing. Horizon is weeks, months, even up to years. Planning is done in week buckets.

The Binocs Performance Twin module delivers a digital replica of your laboratory performance. Use the Binocs Performance Twin to visualize past & future KPI’s like utilization, planning adherence, right first time…

Session learnings

Gartner picks up the relevance of resource planning and scheduling in labs and R&D and positions Binocs.

Boston Consulting Group positions Binocs in their Lab of the Future concept.

Areas covered in this session 

Scheduling- performance management

Who should benefit

Lab managers/directors, process development, R&D managers/ directors, operational excellence manager, QC/QA managers/ directors

Digitalising your QC/QA and R&D operations with Binocs


FJA binocs workshop PLA2020

Name: Frederik Jaenen

Title: Head of business development





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Bluecrux was founded in 2011 and grew to an organization with meanwhile 70 planning experts operating on a global scale. Bluecrux’ flagship solution, Binocs is a cloud solution for resource planning and scheduling and became an indispensable application in the landscape of Quality Control Labs and Quality Operations, R&D and Cell and Gene Manufacturing, Regulatory Affairs, Chemistry Manufacturing & Controls and Pattern-Based Project Environments (Grid Management, telecom). Gartner positions Binocs as an enabler for the lab of the future