Reflections on the Future of Digital in the Laboratory

accenture panel discussion

The Paperless Lab Academy® 2022 is glad to propose the best ever closing activity of the event with a Panel Discussion chaired by Mark Fish , Managing Director in Accenture’s Scientific Informatics Services Business.

This Panel Discussion will be a nice exercise to assimilate all what’s been shared during the event, to reflect on the  future of digital in the laboratory and how the pandemic situation has, is and will influenced on the speed of digitalisation.

The life science industry responded to the pandemic with new urgency, delivering life-saving vaccines at unprecedented speed, scaling new diagnostics at population levels and leveraging digital innovations for resiliency in clinical trial delivery and for acceleration in research and development new therapeutics.

These breakthroughs have set new expectations for speed, agility, and digital enablement in labs across every industry, and it appears that there’s no looking back for any of us!

Reflections on the Paperless Lab Academy® 2022

We will hear throughout the conference how organisations and their scientific labs are looking to expand digital capabilities and transform productivity.

Successful leaders are realising the imperative to accelerate momentum and scale digital lab transformation, driving digital across operations and processes, integrating efforts across labs where possible, and executing on a talent strategy that will attract and retain people with the right skills.

In our review we shall take stock of the past and look to the future of the Digital Lab, summarising reflections on the speaker presentations, considering conference attendees responses to surveys throughout the event, and learning from the insights from the latest research in Driving digitalization at scale in the lab.

Our questions shall consider how we are addressing the foundational backlog of technical debt, the transformation imperative to drive change with data and insight from our laboratories, and our aspirations to truly reimagine our laboratories and businesses of the future.

We have seen how value has and shall be accelerated in the key areas of Operational Efficiency, Connectivity and Collaboration, Data and Insight and Human Experience in our business, exemplified by the passionate speakers throughout the Paperless Lab Academy® 2022.

Do not miss this very interesting last session that will certainly stimulate a good exercise of reflections and provide you good insights to bring back to your team.


ACCENTURE TEAMMark Fish, Managing Director in Accenture’s Scientific Informatics Services Business.

Mark has over 20 years of experience in various leadership roles delivering innovative solutions to the pharmaceutical sector and is passionate about drug discovery and development, translation research and precision medicine, digital transformation, agile software development and analytical quality control automation.

Peter Brandstetter, Senior Manager for Technology Consulting in Accenture in Zurich, Switzerland.

A respected authority in IT-enabled transformation in life sciences, he has more than two decades’ experience of solving complex IT challenges for pharmaceutical companies globally -gained across senior life sciences consulting/IT roles including Life Science Central Region Lead at CSC, Senior Managing Consultant for GBS Life Sciences at IBM, and Senior Manager at PwC.

Peter specializes in quality management and quality assurance in manufacturing and R&D, enterprise content management, and R&D (clinical data management, pre-clinical, R&D Lab, R&D collaboration and project management), as well as computer validation.

Jeremy Ward, Principal Director in Accenture’s Scientific Informatics Services Business.

Leader in Accenture’s Scientific Informatics Services practice in Europe with over 16 years experience in Scientific Informatics based in Base, CH and leading global client engagement and transformation. Jeremy specializes in working with organizations to transform their R&D, QA & QC digital and data management practices via risk management, process optimization and the implementation of innovative technologies.




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