7th edition of the Paperless Lab Academy: why you should be there

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Lab Information Management!

The Paperless Lab Academy is the greatest European congress where to deepen in laboratory data management related concepts and methodologies.  This is what our attendees’ comment every year.  As such, from the organization, we strongly focus on building a learning platform for those considering consolidating, integrating and simplifying scientific data management systems and processes.
More concretely, the central theme of the 7th edition will focus on the digital transformation of the laboratory processes covering the entire data lifecycle.
The Paperless Lab Academy doesn´t look for discussing solutions to reduce paper at work ie in the laboratory.  The PLA looks for creating a platform where experiences and expertise are shared, where discussion generates food for thoughts on how to convert the so valuable data generated in the laboratory to actionable insights for the company.

 Capturing the data at its source

Along the electronic data life cycle, we´ll discuss on the latest trends for capturing the data at its source, collect the correlated information, metadata, and store them efficiently so that searches, reviews, modifications, and decisions are simple and safe processes fully compliant with the industry regulations.

The key topic here is the interconnection, considered also as one of the design principles for the Industry 4.0. The ability of machines, devices, sensors, and people to connect and communicate with each other via the Internet of Things (IoT), or better say, Internet of Lab Things (IoLT). Gartner introduced the IoLT at PLA2017: read more about the post-event summary.
IoLT allows laboratories to collect an immense amount of data and information from all points along the analytical processes. A solid data strategy is highly recommended to set the foundation where the technology can help by providing complete visibility on the laboratory operations.

How to approach the definition of a data strategy and how to set a common source of data to be used across the enterprise are the topics you should expect to discuss during the #PLA2019.

Managing the data adequately for sharing, reviewing and deciding

The transparency afforded by technology provides analysts, supervisors, and managers with the information needed to make appropriate decisions. The laboratory becomes a knowledge center where information is aggregated and visualized comprehensively, analyzed and digested, through dashboard views for quick decision making.
The information facilitated allows also to identify key areas that can benefit from innovation and improvement or can alert on urgent problems to be solved.
How to approach the data strategy for adequate interdepartmental data sharing, for incorporating data from external sources, to gain full visibility on the data lifecycle is also a topic you should expect to discuss during the #PLA2019.

Nurturing the Lab of the Future  

For sure, we will be speaking about Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) features and their ability to support the lab on data integrity, audit trails and sample workflows. You will have the opportunity to see multiple solutions for Electronic Note Book (ELN), Scientific Data management (SDMS), Chromatography Data Systems (CDS), environmental monitoring (EM), paperless validation solutions, instrumentation integration solutions… and Artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to go big by 2020, which is basically tomorrow.

Are the laboratories ready to jump in and speed for innovation?

How profitable are the laboratories data today to feed-in an AI system?

The Paperless Lab Academy offers content-rich presentations and multiple networking sessions to listen, discover, learn, exchange experiences and discuss multiple correlated tending topics. Additionally, interactive sponsored workshops provide the visitors with a great opportunity to showcase multiple providers solutions at once.

Free for visitors coming from companies that own a laboratory… what else?

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