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“The rise and fall of the LIMS software: why you can’t put too many new things into old boxes and other tales”



openco at paperless lab academy 2018

Name:        Michele Baldi   OpenCo Paperless Lab Academy

Title:          Chief of Technology and Operations 




Presenter´s Biography

Michele has been making a living in the field of Information Technology applied to Knowledge, Process and Data Management since 1997.

He has 10+ years of direct experience in Project Management for implementation of LIMS softwares and traceability solutions in food, wine/spirits, petrol, chemical and environmental firms and laboratories, both public and private.

If you’d ask him he would tell you he’s passionate about a people centric approach to any project and that he does not believe in magic coming from “pure” technology.

If you’d let him go on long enough he would also talk to you about music, yoga and kendō. Just a warning.


Once upon a time, up in the late 1970s, the idea of LIMS as a mean to gather, process and present data was born, side by side with the history of informatics.

Since then, LIMS softwares have kept evolving together with technology and are today in dire need of a well deserved (and long awaited) makeover.

The contexts of where data are coming from, how are they going to be presented and who needs them are continuously expanding.

LIMS is not a product but an evolving concept. New features and functionalities are being added again and again causing a strain on the boundaries of its ecosystem.

Now you should be asking yourself “what do I do?"

Open-Co wants to tell you a story that talks about real and concrete experiences and projects to help you find your way through an ocean of possibilities.

*Any reference to real facts and people is NOT going to be coincidental

Session Learning

  • You’ll be able to bring back home with you a brand new point of view
  • We’ll walk you through a “zoom out” experience you won’t forget. If you just step away from the detail you’ll see the whole picture.
  • We are presenting you a story time for the mind.

Company Introduction

OpenCo Paperless Lab Academy

Open-Co is an IT company like no other.

Our team of chemists, biologists and engineers come directly from their respective fields of expertise to work with us bringing their first-hand experience and knowledge.

We have passion for the planning, the development and the implementation of unique software solutions for the management of testing Laboratories, Quality Systems and Production Control.

Strong product innovation and specific know-how are the key factors that enabled us to gain more and more importance in both the Italian and foreign market.

Our solutions are now some of the best software applications for Quality Control in Italy and abroad thanks to our domain expertise, our 16-years experience and the constant collaboration with our clients.

We do what we do because we enjoy imagining in-the-now solutions directly from an almost-near-future.

Our products are currently used by more than 300 companies, with over 4.000 users working in all different sectors.

openco at paperless lab academy
openco at paperless lab academy