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Digitalization and the data life cycle begin at the lab bench instruments

Mettler Toledo Paperless Lab Academy

Presenter: Gunnar Danielson, Head of Global Software Solutions, METTLER TOLEDO GmbH

Gunnar Danielson is Head of Global Software Solutions and LabX Consulting at Mettler-Toledo GmbH.
With a computer science degree, MBA, and 25 years working with computer systems, he has been focusing for the past 12 years on workflow optimization and Data Integrity solutions. Solutions for integration, Digitalization,
Data Governance and Data Integrity is the focus for him and the global software solutions team that he leads. Integrating benchtop instruments into the lab ecosystem has been his focus and removing paper along the way,
the goal.
He and his team focus on solutions for Data Integrity, workflow guidance and efficiencies. His team provides consulting,
seminars, and training on solutions that support Data Integrity within the Production, QC and R&D environment. They also support where a common solution or standardization over multiple countries and regions is required.


Mettler Toledo Paperless Lab Academy

Presenter: Andrea di Mauro, Product Manager, Mettler Toledo SpA

Andrea Di Mauro is Product Manager for Software Solutions at Mettler-Toledo Italy.
In possess of a solid Chemistry background and 10 years working with laboratory software, Andrea's expertise varies from technical troubleshooting to full system integration. During his career at Mettler-Toledo, Andrea has gained extensive experience in servicing, customizing, and implementing laboratory instruments and software.
As Software Specialist for MT-Italy, he is in charge of providing digitalization and automation solutions and continuously advancing Mettler-Toledo's innovation. Andrea and his team help customers all across Italy to simply processes, improve data handling, and implement personalized workflow procedures.







Full digital integration of processes is crucial for a successful laboratory, as handwritten records are time consuming and prone to errors.
Laboratory managers and operators routinely face challenges to adhere to data integrity regulations, while aiming at increasing workflow efficiency. Adding the technical controls to instruments improves business processes at the same time it adds the necessary controls for data governance.
Regulators are increasingly requiring labs to get current with technology (the "c" in cGMP). Regulatory guidance from WHO even advocates process efficiency with technology. The benefits of managing data in a fully electronic process provides business benefits and regulatory compliance with data stored in one medium. This approach facilitates efficiency and effectiveness including ease of performing data analytics.
Don’t just digitalize, and don’t try to make a digital system work "the old paper way", make sure you get real business benefit from your digitalization efforts by really improving the workflow in the lab.

Session learnings

In this workshop, you will experience with LabX and PipetteX, how you can:

- Fully digitalize your laboratory data and application workflows starting at the simple instruments and all along the data lifecycle.
- Automate instrument management procedures for analytical benchtop instruments. (Balances, titrators, KF, pH meters, UV Vis spectrophotometers, density meters, refractometers, and melting point systems, as well as automation solutions).
- Integrate instruments into the lab ecosystem to streamline data processing within your digital infrastructure. 
- Handle data with the attention and controls commensurate with the risk: Data Integrity and ICH Q9 principles
- Discover Real business benefit in the Lab with native digital data and technical controls.

Who should benefit

Lab Managers, Quality Managers, Lab Technicians, IT Managers

Mettler Toledo at Paperless Lab Academy



METTLER TOLEDO specializes in the area of precision instruments for laboratory and industrial production. Our instruments are used in R&D research, drug discovery, and quality control labs in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and cosmetics industries.
We are a global market leader with the three instrument groups most frequently used in the laboratory (balances, pipettes, and pH meters), and we are a pioneer in the field of Automated Chemistry. Our comprehensive software solutions grants full automation and integration of our vast instrument portfolios within existing system infrastructures, boosting laboratory efficiency while also maintaining full compliance to data integrity regulations. 


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