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Smart labs: How to solve the connectivity puzzle.

Simon Bungers speaker workshop Paperless Lab Academy

Presenter: Simon Bungers, CEO and Co-founder at Labforward

Simon is a molecular biologist by training and a serial entrepreneur. After obtaining his Ph.D. from the Max-Planck-Institute of Experimental Medicine he worked as a strategy consultant, founded an e-commerce startup, and exited it in 2013. He is one of the founders of Labforward and CEO of the company and is driven by evolving the laboratory ecosystem through connecting data silos and enabling laboratory teams on their quest to make groundbreaking discoveries and deliver high quality products. At Labforward, he is responsible for strategy, marketing and communications.

Tomás Lopes da Fonseca speaker workshop Paperless Lab Academy

Presenter: Tomás Lopes da Fonseca, Head of Marketing at Labforward

Tomás holds a Ph.D. in Neurosciences with over a dozen papers published in the area of Parkinson's disease. Having spent over seven years in the lab, he experienced the impact that a digital ecosystem has on laboratory productivity and research integrity. At Labforward, he leads the Marketing team with a clear focus on supporting laboratories throughout their digitization journey. Before Labforward, Tomás developed several projects in the field of marketing and community management.


Laboratories are going smart, and the current pandemic accelerated that process. But what does smart really mean? For sure connectivity is important, but how to distinguish true connectivity from fake connectivity? And how to not only transform digitally on paper but also truly transform your lab and last but not least your people in the lab.
Throughout the last decade, we worked with dozens of companies to digitize their labs and we’ve learned that there are common pitfalls that you can avoid. A key component is the need to quickly distinguish true connectivity from solutions that use the term as a buzzword.
To help you build a truly connected lab we created the ABC of smart labs: a checklist of what you should Avoid, Buy and Consider.

Join us on our 30 minutes workshop and make a deep dive into the role of true connectivity to build smart labs.

Session learnings

- A complete checklist to start building a smart lab at your organization
- How to distinguish true from fake connectivity in the lab ecosystem
- How to engage and enable your team in the successful implementation of a smart lab

Who should benefit

Chief Scientific Officer, R&D director, IT Manager and IT strategist, Digital transformation manager, Lab manager.

Why should you attend

Smart labs are no longer a question of “If” but “When”. You will certainly go through this process and we want you to be fully prepared. In particular, we want to help you identify and understand all the factors and stakeholders in building a smart laboratory. This knowledge will be essential for you to overcome all the challenges that will arise during the implementation.

Labforward assists laboratory teams worldwide in their quest to make groundbreaking discoveries and deliver high-quality products. Our team humbly and proudly supports laboratory teams who work relentlessly to cure diseases, unravel life’s greatest mysteries, and create a more sustainable future. We are committed to enabling them by building the optimal set of tools they need to conduct their experiments. That’s why we’ve built our three software-as-a-service products: Labfolder, Laboperator & Labregister, each one optimizing critical steps of the laboratory workflow.

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