Smarter Questions, Faster Answers: Accelerating  your research  with Signals Platform


Research Scientists daily face the challenge that the science they are doing is complex and often generates a high volume and variety of data.  They need to collaborate both internally and internally and the data they need to make decisions can be scattered over numerous diverse data sources. In this workshop, we will present the PerkinElmer Signals platform which is designed from the ground up to take into account these challenges. We will present a collaborative and streamlined workflow utilizing our Signal Notebook, Signals Screening and Signals Lead Discovery to showcase how a research scientists can document their experimental research from making materials to testing those materials (HCS & HTS and then deciding what to make next.

Session learnings

Learn about the benefits of native cloud ELN applications

Learn about streamlined research workflows comprising the Make Test Decide cycle


Who should benefit

Research scientists

Research IT/IS professionals

Areas covered in this session 

Collaboration with a cloud-based ELN

Screening workflows

Guided SAR Lead Discovery workflows


PAnsems Paperless Lab Academy

Name: Patrick Ansems

Title: Director, Informatics Field Application Scientists, EMEAI

Christian Schueller Paperless Lab Academy

Name: Christian Schueller

Title: Senior Field Application Scientist, PerkinElmer


Patrick Ansems received his BS.c in Microbiology from the University of Applied Sciences, Etten–Leur, Netherlands. Following his studies , he joined Unilever R&D Vlaardingen where he worked for 7 years in the Molecular Aspects of Health Department where he was responsible for the development and screening of food related compounds in a variety of GPCR related assays.

Subsequently Patrick joined a start-up company, Lead Pharma, where he was Head of Operations responsible for the cloning, small scale up and downstream processing of proteins and the development of the screenings assays. Patrick joined PerkinElmer in2011 as a member of the European Regional Marketing team working on Biology Enterprise solutions and Analytics. Since 2014 Patrick was held the position as Director of the EMEAI Field Application Scientist team.

Christian Schueller studied biology at the University of Bonn with a focus on cellular biology. He obtained his Ph.D. at the Institute for Cellular Biology where he worked on the cellular processes involved in the uptake of pathogenic bacteria by macrophages and the creation of unusual phagosomes.

Subsequently Christian joined Leica Microsystems as an account manager for clinical microscopy in northern Germany which included applications like fluorescence- and brightfield microscopy, laser microdissection (LMD), digital pathology and image analysis.

In 2012 he moved to the PerkinElmer Informatics team and is now responsible as Senior Field Application Scientist for PerkinElmer’s Imaging and Screening analytics products in EMEAI like Columbus, Spotfire and Signals Screening including High Content Profiler.


PerkinElmer at paperless lab academy

PerkinElmer Informatics’ focus is on redefining how labs embrace electronic data capture, cloud-based applications and collaborative tools to modernize research environments and deliver efficiency improvements. The firm’s suite of robust ELN solutions, TIBCO Spotfire, has powered advanced data analytics applications, and its new cloud-based PerkinElmer Signals platform helps scientists unlock the hidden knowledge within their scientific data, whether working independently or collaboratively. Thousands of scientists are benefitting from its solutions designed to support a wide range of disciplines, from R&D to screening.