DEXSTR Inquiro: Different ways to reveal your Data Insights 


During the previous PLA2019 event, we presented key pillars of our Inquiro software.

at the PLA2020, we ´ll show you, based on real use case, how Inquiro awakes the force of customers’ data. Example includes, data completeness, relevant information identification, non-obvious relationship using graphical tool designed with Neo4J.

Areas covered in this session 

Data federation
Life sciences
Ontologies based navigation
FAIR data
Graphs usage
Precision Medecine

DEXTSR video

 A clear demo on how ontologies and graph queries improve search engines

Session learnings

Storing data in a system is easy.

Retrieving unstructured data is a challenge but becomes accessible through Insight Engine solutions.

Creating links between data, based on ontologies and graphs capabilities to bring huge added value to data science to any company is key in any discovery process.

You are in a Merger or Acquisition process or a product Licensing In/Out. JOINS US to understand why!

Who should benefit

Decision maker in R&D, Data Management, Data scientist, Project manager who needs to benefit of the existing in-house scientific knowledge


Search Result page with data

Search Result page with data

Representation of an Heat Map

Search Result page with data

Relation graph representation

Search Result page with data


Erwan David Paperless Lab Academy

Name: Erwan David

Title: Chief Technology Officer





Stephane Rouillé Paperless Lab Academy

Name: Stéphane Rouillè

Title: Service Delivery Director





Erwan holds degrees in molecular biology, genomics, and bioinformatics. For more than 12 years, he has managed bioinformatics projects for major pharmaceutical groups. At the start of his career, he redesigned chemical compound logistics from robotic control to multi-site synchronization.

He later put in place an Enterprise Data Warehouse (multiple terabytes of chemical entities and biological results).

Stéphane joined DEXSTR in early 2018 and manages the company’s Consulting team composed of Solution Engineers and Solution Architects.

Formerly, Stéphane served as Engagement & Project Manager at PTC for 6 years. He also held Project Management positions in pharmaceutical industries at Pierre Fabre & Sanofi for more than 9 years.

He started his career at Genoplante, a public Bioinformatics resource center for 2 years.

DEXSTR Paperless Lab Academy

DEXSTR is a Life Science IT company specialized in integration and visualization of heterogeneous scientific data using ontologies, advanced search, and AI technologies.

Our Insight Engine named Inquiro, offers groundbreaking solutions to scientists in Life Science in order to ingest, understand, organize, query and share their unstructured data.

DEXSTR offers:

Inquiro Software solution:  Inquiro unleashes the power of internal scientific data by:

  • allowing easy handling of high volumes and varieties of data,
  • reducing time to insights,
  • capitalizing on assets, avoiding to redo experiments,
  • creating serendipity using data.
  • DEXSTR applies its expertise in large scale Life Sciences industries such as pharmaceuticals, agri-food, and cosmetics areas.

Data discovery service:  You are in a Merger or Acquisition process or a product Licensing In/Out? The DEXSTR data discovery offer allows you to identify what data are talking about and relevant for you.  Our customers estimate that they were able to increase x30 the way they can integrate data in their system.