Workshop ADIUTO – Paperless Management

Paperless management of documents and quality processes in respect of data integrity requirements


filippo savi at paperless lab academy

Name:           Filippo Saviadiuto at paperless lab academy

Title:             Technical Director



Presenter´s biography

Filippo Savi is co-founder of JM Consulting Srl, owner of Adiuto / ADIpharma solution.

As leader of JM Consulting Technical and Development Dept. he created and designed Adiuto EDMS – QMS – BPM project.

Thanks to his strong knowledge of workflow processes in GxP regulated environments, he acts as project leader for the realization of Quality Systems in LifeScience, all based on ADIpharma software solution.


ADIpharma solution for a paperless management of documents, quality processes and HR training in organizations subject to regulatory requirements: coverage of the solution developed by Adiuto and practical samples on user interface and management of activities on documents and processes workflows.adipharma paperless lab academy

  • Why ADIpharma: short presentation of ADIpharma and its features
  • Full coverage on management of documents, quality and process workflows, training
  • Some customers already using ADIpharma
  • Solution demo session:
    • Rapid sight on consultation and user interface
    • An example on document and processes workflow management
  • Question and Answers


Session Learning

  • How the features of ADIpharma allow to obtain by simple configuration a tailor-made quality system in full compliance
  • Easy configuration and rapid implementation = low Total Cost of Ownership
  • One solution for more souls: Document repository, Document Workflow, Process Workflow, Training

Company Introduction

adiuto at paperless lab academyJM Consulting Srl, better known as Adiuto, is owner of the Trade Marks Adiuto and AdiPharma.

JM Consulting was founded in 1999, its core business is the implementation of software systems able to easily manage documents and processes, and help its customers to better organize their business in full compliance with international regulations, and improving at the same time both efficiency and strenghtness on the market.

Adiuto solution is today used by 1.700 organizations; ADIpharma is the version targeted to LifeScience and regulated environment, fully compliant with FDA Cfr 21 Part 11 and EU-GMP Annex 11.

The staff of JM Consulting / Adiuto today consists of 50 units.

Strong efforts are finalized to continuously improve the quality of the solutions and to add new functionalities useful for our customers.