Milestones to the Internet of  Things in your Laboratory

The Paperless Lab Academy is The ideal learning platform for all companies that own a laboratory, involved in running, consolidating, integrating or simplifying laboratory data management processes.

Target market : Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Food & Beverage, Consumer Goods, Cosmetic, Chemical, Oil & Gas

Target audience: Directors and Managers in laboratory, IT, QC, QA, Management, Manufacturing, Research, legal departments.

Once again, we´re setting the stage for discussions on strategies and implementation of  21th  century technologies in your laboratory. We work on an agile combination of future horizon view - already running in some industries - and tangible real cases of today concerns.

Those are the key milestones to generate solid business insights from the laboratory:

"e-COLLECT" for...      how to optimise the data capture at the source
"e-MANAGEMENT" for...   how to handle the whole data life cycle
"e-DECIDE" for ...      fact-based decision making supported by intelligent dashboards
"e-ARCHIVE" for...      the nowadays hottest concerns  on how to adequately archive all your data

agenda subject to changes